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  1. On this topic on YouTube there is a very interesting lecture by Leonard Suskind “The universe as a hologram” (in English). Quite accessible, I thought.


    Leonard Suskind is an American theoretical physicist, one of the founders of string theory, who now teaches at Stanford University.

    In 2013, Susskind co-authored with Juan Maldacena an analysis of the black hole firewall paradox, arguing that the paradox can be resolved if particles in the entangled quantum state are connected by tiny wormholes

  2. Remember that moment when you go to the refrigerator, open it, look at it and don't understand what you wanted? This is someone who pressed Ctrl+Z (canceled the action).

  3. Yes, easily. There is no way to prove that this is not the case. However, there is evidence that indirectly suggests that this may be true. For example, our perception of the world around us. Everything we see, hear, and feel is an interpretation that our brain makes. The eye catches beams of light from which the brain draws a picture. The ear picks up waves of vibration, from which the brain draws sounds. The nose picks up molecules from which the brain draws odors.�

    Residents of Simsville in the game live by approximately the same laws. They receive the signal, interpret it, and respond to it. We also receive signals, interpret them, and respond to them. The Sims world consists of polygons, which at a lower level are lines of code, which at a lower level are a set of ones and zeros, and at an even lower level are processor chips that are rotated by electrical energy that enters the computer from an outlet. What our world consists of is also a set of lines of code (chemical formulas) that are connected to each other in different ways. Molecules, atoms, protons, electrons, quarks, bosons (ones and zeros) are connected to each other, which at an even lower level are strings of energy (see string theory). Our entire world is the same computer program that is powered by electricity from an outlet. And the beginning of our world, the Big Bang, was just pressing the Enter key.�

    Get used to it 🙂

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