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  1. In your question, shift the focus a little and everything will become much more clear. After all, death is completely insignificant here. What matters is not when you die (and how you die is also particularly unimportant). What matters is what you can do before you die.�

    You can live a hundred years without bringing benefits (both to yourself and others), and you can do a lot of things in your youth. Translating into the terminology of the question, it is not a heroic death that is more important, but a heroic life. And how long it is and how it ends-it's a matter of taste, or a matter of chance.

  2. Death is always death.

    it doesn't really matter how you die. well, of course, no one wants to suffer.

    as it is, it would be nice to live longer.

    especially if a person is determined to be a hero – it's like the longer he is a hero, the better, isn't it?

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