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  1. I don't agree. Every person literally updates their “system” almost every year, or even half a year. The fact is that these changes are not always noticeable to everyone, sometimes even to the person himself, but at the subconscious level it happens. Even if you haven't seen a person for 2 years, 3 years and they haven't changed in communication, you should not assume that they are still the same as they were years earlier.

    Whether we want it or not, changes are happening

  2. It also depends on what “people change” means. From my observations, I can say that people definitely change their views on things, their priorities change, and even their character changes, which can be caused by both psychological and medical aspects. Perhaps some people simply do not want to change, to go out of their comfort zone, I also come across such people: they get the impression that they are as if programmed and simply cannot do otherwise, this can be attributed to people of the Soviet type of thinking – people who were created to serve the system cannot be individual, and therefore they cannot independently come to something else,

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