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  1. Many people have such a person with whom it is difficult for him to say goodbye. I have, even two.

    You try to do everything to forget, to put all your efforts and efforts. It will take a year or two, but you will meet him by chance or see a photo or someone will remind you-and you will remember again. There is no escape from this, it is possible and even necessary to put up with it. Get carried away with your world and self-development. And it will become easier.

  2. Yes!:-))))When we love someone, we can't forget them. This is a fact. And probably all people have such a person. Good thing it's not the same. :-))))))))

    If you can't forget a person in any way, then why forget him?! In theory, it absolutely should not interfere with life, some thoughts, bright feelings, and even, rather, on the contrary, it should give an incentive to some general further development of yourself. And if it really interferes with life, if there is absolutely some kind of tin there, then this is for a psychologist. The problem is not with the other person, but with you and your attitude. You can cycle and think negatively, experiencing resentment, anger, frustration and other bad feelings, or you can translate everything into a positive direction, and think of the person as the object of your inspiration. The whole difference is in the way of thinking! Compare it. You can think about it: “My God, what a jerk he is, he ruined my whole life, I love him here, and he…, he's to blame for everything, etc.”How cool that he is somewhere, that he exists, is alive and that he is doing well.”Do you see the difference? :-)))) Be aware! It's “bad” thoughts that get in the way, not good ones. It's just a matter of your attitude.

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