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  1. These are very different things. If you are stupid, then you will not bother to learn, and for this reason stupid people often say “I already know everything” – that is the motto of stupidity. Such a person is almost impossible to convince, so popular wisdom conjures not to argue with fools.

    But if you are naive, then this will pass after you check your views in practice and see that you were wrong. And often naivety is a consequence of the fact that you thought of something or someone better than they really are. High expectations don't make you stupid.

  2. I would rather attribute this to a poor communication experience or isolation from reality. Because it is impossible, having a broad outlook, not to know about the existence of such phenomena as fraud, toxicity, insidiousness, manipulation, and so on, and not draw appropriate conclusions.

  3. The exact and detailed answer is given long ago in dictionaries and encyclopedias.

    PERSONAL OPINION in this case is absolutely inappropriate and naive.

    EXAMPLE-who wants to be treated by a naive surgeon or a naive dentist ??? Nobody.

    THE expression “naive child” is well-known…

  4. …Of course not…Naivety is not stupidity…This is hypertrophied trust, not connected with either intelligence or intelligence, not burdened with experience. Based on the purity of consciousness (example CHILDREN )

  5. A naive person is a storehouse of wisdom. In his words, actions, and actions, he shows that simplicity is what many people spend their entire lives looking for and not finding.

  6. No, of course not. Naivety is a consequence of inexperience. A completely different situation than low intelligence or unwillingness to think in principle (actually “stupidity”).

  7. If this is a baby, then naivety is a consequence of both an undeveloped mind and a very limited life experience. If an adult suffers from naivety , this may also be a consequence of the lack of relevant experience. But if a person has both experience, and teachings and advice from experienced people, but ignores everything – this is evidence of stupidity.

    For example, the attitude to Internet scams – when a person ignores all warnings and advice, and even after getting burned, continues to believe that somewhere there are good uncles who are eager to make him happy, and does not want to listen to anything – is nonsense.

    Stupidity is not hanging in the air, but a brain shutdown induced by greed and the desire for freebies. Stupid behavior is very often based not on naivety in the sense of ignorance and inexperience, but on “pushing back” the mind to please some wishlist, emotions, prejudices, etc.

    A whole sea of various conspiracy theories is a product of stupidity. When prejudices and wishlist are put ahead of reason.

    Well, for example, “lunar scam”. Man hates the Pindos, and he doesn't like that they beat us to the moon race. The starting point is right here (like Internet suckers-faith in freebies). And the mind turns into a servant of the wishlist.

  8. If a person uses his naivety wisely and gets “bonuses” from this, then this is a “smart” person.

    And if you use naivety stupidly, getting nothing but buns from it (and at the same time continues to climb the cactus), then this may look like a “stupid” act. And if a person commits stupid acts from year to year, then both he and others get used to the fact that a smart act should not be expected from him – and write him (himself) in “stupid”.

    Although this label “stupid” is conditional. A person can be a masochist and get some pleasure from it. And sometimes, even-the meaning of life. There is a reason to feel sorry for yourself. A habit from childhood.

    And this is not stupidity, but a way of existence.

    As a person who smokes until old age and does not suffer from it.

  9. Naivety can have both positive and negative connotations. When naivety is the result of simplicity or inexperience, sincerity or spontaneity, it is not perceived as a negative quality, and certainly cannot have anything to do with stupidity. This is evident in people who are dominated by the “Child” type of behavior. There is a type of “Parent: these people :know everything” behavior, and their naive know-it-all verges on stupidity.

  10. Stupidity in a broad sense includes-inadequacy in actions or statements-due to a lack of knowledge or skills.

    Very stupid are all ignoramuses and maloumeyki.

    ENCYCLOPEDIA: “Naivete —

    inability to navigate in a constantly changing world and adequately respond to the challenges of time; synonyms: inexperience, uninitiation, artlessness, inexperience, lack of understanding, ignorance;

    Pushkin, as follows from the “Dictionary of the Pushkin Language”, did not use the word “naive” in the Russian version, but often used the word “stupid” in the meaning of naive”

  11. If naivety results from a lack of worldly experience and a person has not yet shoveled through hundreds of life situations, has not accumulated a base for adequacy, then it is too early to call him stupid. But when someone has shoveled their hundreds of situations and persistently is not adequate, is not able to apply their knowledge, then he is a poor fool. Naivety in adulthood already pulls on stupidity. Whether it is a good fool or an evil one depends not on naivety, but on the character of the person.

  12. Naivety is the mask of an intelligent person, such a person will never enter into a scandal, a quarrel, he will consider it beneath his dignity, unless it concerns his honor.

  13. And what does stupid mean, if this is a disease, then this is understandable, but there are people who are just slow to think, but is this really stupid?Often, under the mask of stupid lies a very smart person.

  14. Naivety is a banal misunderstanding of the system's design. After gaining experience, a person begins to understand that it can be extremely dangerous to act thoughtlessly in the hope of solving a problem.

    Naive people are not stupid. Rather, they are lazy people, for whom analytics has remained an incomprehensible science.

  15. ENCYCLOPEDIA: “Naivete —

    inability to navigate in a constantly changing world and adequately respond to the challenges of time; synonyms: inexperience, uninitiation, artlessness, inexperience, lack of understanding, ignorance;

    Pushkin, as follows from the “Dictionary of the Pushkin Language”, did not use the word “naive” in the Russian version, but often used the word “stupid” in the meaning of naive”

  16. No, I don't think naive people are stupid, and naivety is a consequence of stupidity. Naive people can have the best human qualities, including sincerity and selflessness. They can be very intelligent, kind, and value human relationships above material values. Their naivety lies in the fact that they (as autistic people) do not notice their naivety, sincerely believing that this is the only way to communicate with people and treat them. But like all people, there are different levels of intelligence among them.

  17. Naivety is a lack of experience , I am naive in murder , I do not want to part with this naivety, from the word completely . Does that make me more stupid ? Not at all , I understand that there are people with this experience who are not naive , perhaps professionally (for example, the military), but I am interested in slightly different tasks in life, in which the military is somewhat naive… .

  18. No, naivety, this is from good nature, probably from the desire to preserve childhood in yourself, youth. From believing in the good. Not from stupidity at all.

    My mother, having lived for more than seventy years in the world, and having seen everything, sometimes expresses a naive belief in love and good relations between people, This does not mean that she is stupid, naivety is the purity of spiritual thought…

  19. For me, naivety is just a lack of life experience and a view of the world through rose-colored glasses, and whether a person is stupid or not will be seen by his actions and how he perceives his mistakes, how he revises/does not revise his idea of the world, how he changes, learns, stuffing bumps…
    After all, at first a naive person can be perfectly trained and after a couple of big shots start to improve quickly.

  20. Naive usually talk about a child-a person who, by age, has no life experience. A person with three higher education degrees can be stupid. The university does not give a mind, but gives a diploma. Stupidity is not the underdeveloped mind of a normal child, but an inadequate mind. Stupidity, like color blindness for life.

  21. Naive can be either morally mature people ,or those who are not ready to analyze their lives and therefore are content with little.

    Unfortunately, being naive in modern society means always being extreme in everything, although not everyone remains “true” to their previous rules, turning into cynical and cruel people

  22. I propose, initially, to give a definition of mind and stupidity.A smart person is a well-formed, developed, self-sufficient person.A naive person,even with some degree of development, needs to continue working on himself.Then-this is a real chance not to be considered stupid.

  23. Intelligence is the ability to operate on existing data. Naivety is a consequence of a lack of experience, that is, information (data) in a particular field. For example, a brilliant physicist who won a Nobel Prize may naively assume that if a woman keeps him in a friend zone for five years, then they may still have something. He simply does not know how women behave, and what can be expected from them, since he did not deal with this issue, but devoted himself entirely to physics. Is he smart? Of course! Is he naive? Yes. There are no contradictions here. This is a comparison of red with salty.

  24. First, let's try to figure out what stupidity is. This term can include oligophrenia, infantilism, debility, pedagogical neglect, organic brain damage, and some other conditions. As we can see these are all different states. Naivety is the ability of a person to see things a little differently. The priorities of values have been changed. This happens with artists, writers, and, indeed, other leaders, who are sometimes called: “Not of this world”.

  25. Naivety is a characteristic of character, of human nature, and not a characteristic of the mind. And how to deduce the dependence of the level of intelligence on any natural trait in a person is a mystery to me.

  26. naive people are not stupid but very kind and this is always good look at children they are naive but unfortunately they are often offended by society and this is bad but such people are very much loved by children

  27. The naivety of a child who has just come into this world, who knows it and touches us, adults, with his questions and actions, is not the naivety of an adult. A mature person who has already passed through the storms of life and is aware of the complexity and originality of being, but who has retained the freshness of perception, kindness and openness to what is happening is perceived by many as a fool, at a time when this is a rare, blessed gift. Imitating them, with all the desire, will not work – this is innate. In our cruel age, such people have a hard time: many of them can not stand the pressure of the surrounding reality, do not find understanding and support.

  28. In some cases, naivety is a conscious choice. Let's assume that someone who regularly encounters cases of deception / fraud still prefers to consider each person honest (until they reach a certain level of patience). Such naivety can bear fruit, the existence of which the bearer of a different worldview will not even be able to guess. That is, this naivety is such only from the outside, and for the carrier-it is a product of his personal experience.

  29. Remember Robert Heinlein's The Door to Summer?

    “…people still need to believe. Otherwise, you will be like a hermit in a cave, who is alert even in his sleep… ” – this is the place?

  30. A naive person is a person who believes everything, is kind and sympathetic, and thinks that everyone around him is kind and friendly . And in life there is a lot of nastiness and meanness, he knows this, but still believes people, although with caution, since he has already been burned.

  31. If naivety comes from gullibility, it is from a lack of experience or just the nature of the person.

    I don't see the point in treating them any differently. Naivety is different and does not determine whether a person is stupid or not.

    I have a friend who is VERY smart and quick-witted, but she is naive. At least I think she's naive. So I think she's smart, too. I'll give you the output

  32. A naive person is not from stupidity, but from a prolonged childhood,just naivety is characteristic of children, so a person seems to be stupid,but in fact he just got into the habit, how to say-curiosity, and he probably already knows in advance what you will answer.So which of the two is stupid?

  33. More often, naive people are young people who are fully provided for by their parents and protected from real life..And it is only necessary to live independently, but with the money earned, and naivety disappears in a moment.
    Naivety – not from a lack of intelligence, but from a lack of life experience.
    Therefore, young people have more fun living,they believe in friendship, in love, they look at the world with “open eyes”…

  34. Was Ivan the Fool stupid or naive? Is the goldfish naive or stupid? And the old man who more than once! Did you go to the sea on the orders of an old woman and call a goldfish stupid or naive?

  35. Here are just dictionary definitions of naivety and stupidity.


    Naivety — inability to navigate in a constantly changing world and adequately respond to the challenges of the time; synonyms: inexperience, uninitiation, artlessness, inexperience.


    Stupidity is an abstract concept that implies a low degree of intelligence. Inability to think independently and make rational decisions in many aspects of life.


    These are different categories. However, naive people and fools can do the same things in terms of content. It's just that the reasons that lead to these actions are different.

    In addition, each person can be naive and stupid in one way, but wise, rational and sophisticated in another. A friend of mine is very fond of talking to our mutual friend: “Here you are a genius at work, but an absolute household fool.” Joking, of course, but please note: in the profession-a genius, in everyday life-not even an amateur, but a clumsy, stupid, does not know how to manage the economy. Two sides of the same personality. So in everyone, wisdom and stupidity, sophistication and naivety, decency and dishonesty, etc., get along very calmly.

  36. Naivety of naivety discord.

    To believe everyone in a row and listen to them open-mouthed is one of naivety.

    And there is another naivety. When a person is not stupid and understands life quite correctly, but still firmly believes in good, justice and a bright future.

  37. Naive,simple-minded….If a person lives in a similar environment, how can they gain experience for comparison?

    If a person does not lie and acts honestly, he expects the same from others.Faith in a good beginning-is it bad(naive= stupid)?

    If not, humans would have exterminated each other long ago.And,after all, there are still altruists who can help their neighbor!

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