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  1. A person is born with such an instrument as the will. This tool is called the prefrontal cortex of the frontal lobes of the brain. That is, nature does not ask a person if he needs, but simply rewards him with such a powerful tool.

    The question is: how much the person himself wants and is ready to use this great tool for self-development and building a prosperous life.

    Pure consciousness largely depends on how developed this prefrontal cortex is responsible for volitional properties.

  2. Most likely, pure consciousness is unattainable for an ordinary person, because for purification certain practices are needed that we do not know (although you can search on the Internet). But changing your faith is too serious a step. For example, the Christian Church does not even approve of meditation. But intuitively I understand that the will is necessary not only for ordinary people, but also for those who have or strive to have a pure consciousness. After all, a weak-willed person will not be able to comply with the rather strict requirements imposed in Buddhist practices. Maybe. I'm not a Buddhist.

  3. Needs it for what? They need it when they usually have a certain plan, a goal, and in order to achieve it, something is needed. And what is pure consciousness? How many people I meet, I see only dirty things in this or that. And in myself, of course. Are you sure you know what it is? To understand here does not mean to know. You can also misunderstand it. Then what is the point of the question?

    But simply put: a person with pure consciousness does not need anything.

  4. In simple terms, the WILL is an instrument of consciousness for forcing the body to do things that the body is too lazy to do. So, if you have full control over your desires, over a lazy body, understanding the need for the right actions, the body will automatically fulfill what is needed. Quit smoking, exercise, eat less, and move around the house… If you have a complete breakdown with your body, it will do things that do not require energy expenditure, for example, lying on the couch, which is also interesting. It seems to me that this does not depend on the purity of consciousness, simple expediency and necessity.

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