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  1. I think that yes, sometimes he is aware of his “stupidity”, “stupidity”. If you take “stupidity” for a person's lack of information or lack of mastery of a certain skill, skill. The example is simple. I once discussed with my sister the progress of her 7-year-old daughter in school. The girl was nearby and heard everything. In general, her mother and I expressed concern in a joking manner about her math skills. The girl started crying loudly. Saying she was stupid. It really upset her. But then she began to contradict herself by saying that she was smarter than everyone else. Here is an example of what roughly happens to a person who has realized his alleged “inferiority”. Awareness, and then denial. The next stage is probably aggression, and then acceptance. I may have missed some stages. But I watched the kids mostly. And they are well aware that they are sometimes “dumber” when they compare themselves to adults or peers. Another thing is people with cognitive errors in thinking. It is really difficult for them to notice the fallacy and absurdity of their judgments. And other people. By the way, do not think that you are not one of them. I've never met anyone who hasn't “sinned” with it.”Stupidity” is a universal “disease”. Another thing is the level of your “stupidity”. Or the proximity of your thinking defect to you. “You can't see faces face to face.Big things are seen at a distance.”

  2. A stupid person will never think about whether he is stupid, whether he needs to change. He has a good life precisely for the reason that he doesn't think about anything – not even about himself, doesn't delve into anything.�

    (By the way, by nature, they are quite fun and carefree people, and they can attract other people to themselves (especially if we are talking about teenagers) and sometimes even adjust to themselves.)�

    But a person who has the makings of reason will ask himself: “Am I really so stupid?” and probably want to improve.

  3. One 19th-century writer might have answered like this::

    “All prejudices are destroyed,

    We honor everyone with zeros,

    And in units — yourself.

    We're all looking at the Napoleons;

    There are millions of bipedal creatures

    There is only one weapon for us…”

  4. there is such a ” moment as different types of intelligence “someone is better at solving mathematical problems and someone has a huge speed of muscle memory and someone personally has verbal perception look(. Types of intelligence)not everything is so clear but still it is better to assume that most people are not competent =)

  5. Smart people, as already mentioned, tend to underestimate their mental abilities. And stupid ones-overestimate.

    One can argue about what the mind is. But let's take “mind = knowledge” for simplicity. And let's compare 2 people: the grandmother at the entrance, who hates everyone and considers cursed drug addicts, as well as a professor, for example, at MIT.

    So, the amount of knowledge of the grandmother is represented as a square with side 1. The knowledge of the professor is a square with side 10. All that is inside this square is knowledge. Everything outside is correspondingly unknown.

    So, this unpleasant grandmother faces the unknown a little less often: in this case, it is equal to 4 conventional units. And the professor's contact with the unknown is 40.

    Therefore, it turns out that a not very smart pre-school grandmother has every reason to believe that she knows the world well. And he doesn't consider himself stupid at all.

    For the same reason, when we start learning something new for ourselves, we believe that we can quickly master it. However, going deeper into the topic, we understand that this is sooooo not even true.

  6. Of course not, a stupid person is not a priori able to reach the idea that he is stupid. Here is my argument: A stupid person will never doubt his own rightness, in disputes he will shout to prove that he is not stupid, and he simply cannot adequately perceive any argument, so he will always think that he is right, and how can a right person be stupid? No. There are always some unbreakable laws in his head. To be honest, such people remind me of orcs from science fiction, because they are not able to think about their own wrongness, but live in some kind of their own idea of this world.

  7. There is such a definition in psychology-the Dunning-Kruger effect. For the discovery of this syndrome, scientists were even awarded the Nobel Prize.

    This type of cognitive distortion consists in the fact that a person makes erroneous judgments, makes incorrect decisions due to their limitations, and for the same reason does not understand their mistakes. �This leads to the appearance of overestimated ideas about their own abilities, while really highly qualified people, on the contrary, tend to underestimate their abilities and suffer from insufficient confidence in their abilities, considering others more competent.�

    So, most likely, “stupid” is not able to understand his “stupidity”

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