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  1. Achieving the goal for a person is associated with the release of fodamine. This is a neurotransmitter that gives us a sense of happiness, high spirits, a sense of self-worth, dexterity, competence, and importance.

    This is a kind of signal that we are doing everything right, and it is worth continuing in the same spirit.

    When it comes to achieving goals and being happy, it also matters how well your expectations align with reality. It often happens that goals are set without a clear understanding of what really lies ahead.

    For example, a person dreamed of becoming a famous singer, but saw only the superficial part of this role – the love of listeners and large fees, while not taking into account that they would have to face a heavy tour schedule, fatigue, lack of free time, loss of friends. It may just be disappointing in the end.

    It is important to look at things more sensibly and comprehensively, then achieving goals will not disappoint, and the dopamine that is released during achievements will only motivate you to new achievements.

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