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  1. A person in poor mental and moral condition, and as a result, deformed thinking and outlook, is likely to look tired, stooped, with bruises under the eyes and not very well groomed externally

  2. I'll attach two pictures instead of the answer. There, people definitely have a different worldview and mindset. Take a look and tell us if their appearance is different, and if there is any dependence in your opinion.

  3. It depends on what kind of beauty we are talking about. If we talk about the natural aesthetics of a person, then of course there is no connection here. However, if we talk about image and exclude the financial component, then of course having a clear mind will lead to a well-groomed and pleasant appearance, including style and behavior in society, while being a narrow-minded person, appearance will not represent anything good)

    Remember all the” movements ” of the guys whose thinking is very different. The same hippies, bikers, athletes, Goths and even gopniks. All of them have a different worldview, as well as appearance)

  4. If a person is a freak and is reproached for it , he spends time on nonsense in the form of depression. To some extent, a moderate person who does not really cause any reactions about his appearance will not have to deal with mimes in the form of ideas that he is a freak, because he knows the truth and ignores it.He may not think about words, it is easier for him to assimilate information, and therefore improve erudition in all directions.

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