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  1. I think it depends on what kind of art. A simple portrait of some beautiful girl that doesn't carry anything else in it is unlikely to give you anything. But, for example, the author wanted to put an important idea into his picture — the more clearly he depicted it, the more clearly he conveyed it, the closer this idea turned out to be for the viewer, the greater the power and influence of this work on people!

  2. Let's start with what do we mean by “force”? Since art is dominated by idea over matter, we note that it affects only the worldview (or any component: the worldview, worldview or worldview) of a human individual or their totality.

    Art in its versatility gives the creator complete freedom of activity, and accordingly helps to convey an idea without hindrance, which gives it “strength”.

    Given the above, you can answer the question in the affirmative, but with a small correction. Art satisfies the cultural needs of a person, and accordingly, one cannot do without the efforts of the beholder.

  3. I think �have �art �huge force �impact on �psyche �person. I'm not talking about music ( here I think no one will argue about the power of its influence ) I would like to cite the example of the work of Joel Pitkin . An alternative view of our reality. Causes �very different �feelings � from � �disgust �and �fear �to �beauty � �destruction �and �as a conclusion �about the fragility of peace �and only meaningful in a person's life. I thought about normality , about impermanence ,about meaning . �They “put me “in a kind of trance . Possible �this is my � Japanese �garden �, which �I � can � meditate, detached from all problems � on time.

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