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  1. The advantage of religion in this matter is at least that atheism in principle cannot offer any objectively existing meaning of life, because it simply has nowhere to come from in a universe consisting of dead matter. Of course, a person may well choose it for themselves (which many do). But then to the question “am I living right?” it will be impossible to give a reasonable answer. Since in atheism there is no one to give meaning to a person's life and everyone has the right to do it for themselves, then any meaning is equivalent and it is impossible to say that any of them is better or nobler than the other. Everyone is right in their own way and no one is superior to anyone, the wise and the stupid, the hero and the traitor, the righteous and the villain are all equal. Everything is relative, and even such a seemingly higher meaning as the desire for knowledge has no advantage over the desire for degradation.

    On the other hand, religion (even if it is wrong) still offers a person the meaning of life not arbitrary, but based on an objective moral guideline-God.

  2. The fact is that objectively the meaning of life is only one-maintaining biological diversity. That is why nature is designed in such a way that we have sexual reflexes and instincts that allow the species to reproduce itself.

    In addition, we have a margin of safety before changing living conditions, which allowed humans to spread out all over the planet and exist in very closed communities for thousands of years.

    All other meanings of life are mind games.

  3. Everything has its pros and cons… The only question is, what interests you more, the advantage or the truth?

    Often a lie is much easier to accept than the truth.

  4. Religion considers and describes the answer to this question more deeply and thoroughly than atheism, which relies on materialistic philosophy on this issue.

  5. Atheists view religion simply as a tradition that plays a big role in people's lives. And religions in the modern world teach people how to live, but at the same time they are quite tolerant of atheists. So to speak, you may not believe in God, but it is better to follow the religious precepts.

  6. Religion offers a person ready-made solutions. This can be considered an advantage or disadvantage. To taste.

    You can not think about good and evil: religion will tell you, if necessary, the priest will explain. In the end, there will be a High Court.

    You don't have to look for the meaning of life. It is registered.

    It's harder for an atheist. You need to understand good and evil for yourself. Judge yourself. Find out for yourself what meaning to fill your life with. This is freedom. And responsibility.

  7. Religious teachings (not ecclesiastical ones) have an undeniable advantage. Religious teachings are attached to the lessons of Wisdom. There is no equal science. All sciences are based on Religious teachings.

    Atheism is not a science, but one of the currents of philosophical thought that completely denies Religious teachings.

    The key and guiding star in all sciences, without exception, is the science of “Understanding the WORD”, according to the Church God of the WORD.

    Join this science and you will never regret it.

  8. Probably yes. Religions have always existed and continue to exist because they help people cope with the basic existential realities of life: 1) mortality, 2) loneliness, 3) meaninglessness, 4) responsibility. We are mortal and can't do anything about it; we are lonely and can't fully share that loneliness with anyone; we are responsible for our own actions; our life has no meaning. Awareness of these truths is unbearable for many people, so they are looking for an “easily digestible” answer and a set of prepared recipes.�

    1. We are all mortal, but if you practice our religion, you will not die! That is, of course, you will die, but you will live after life! And to live in chocolate, follow our rules.

    2. We are all alone, but you are not alone, you are with God! He loves you even if no one else does! It's always there, even if you can't see it, hear it, or touch it… Just believe it.

    3. We decide how to live our lives and are responsible for our actions. But no, for those who believe in God, there is the Will of God. And all your failures are not the result of your gouging, but divine checks. And poverty is not from laziness, but from the Providence of God! Diseases are not caused by lifestyle, but as a Blessing from God! Anyway, why think for yourself? There are the Scriptures, there are the Holy Fathers. Listen to them (i.e., make them responsible for your decisions) and everything will be fine!

    4. Life has no meaning… What nonsense! The point is to serve God! And to serve him, you need to follow a huge number of prescriptions and rituals in order to score your time and not leave room for doubts and reflections on the meaning of life.

    Of course, people who do not believe in God also ask themselves questions about the meaning of life, but they have a harder time. You need to find this meaning in something else, or admit to yourself that it is not there. Not everyone can handle it. Especially when you can always open a jar of “The Meaning of life canned”, and no longer worry.

  9. Yes, there is one thing – religion allows you not to justify your conclusions about the meaning of life, to impose your meaning of life on others, to insult the carriers of a different meaning. Interestingly, atheism also allows some people to do this.

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