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  1. Because these others are included in the sphere of his values, the realization of his self. Which way this came in – by using heteronomous norms or by one's own choice-is another question.

  2. There is such a term in evolutionary biology as “related selection”. In short, any gene exists in a family in several copies. Therefore, it may be advantageous to sacrifice one copy of this gene in order to save others. And since in primitive tribes everyone was more or less related to each other, in humans altruism extends to all those whom a person considers “his tribe”. Read, for example, Markov's “Human Evolution”, where in the second volume it is described in detail.

  3. Since the” lifeguard syndrome “does not imply” save yourself and save another”, such people, as a rule, do not really value their life, their health, etc., etc., but they adore saving someone or something, it's just their hobby, it doesn't matter if they have the strength and resources for this. A kind of “shoemaker without boots” is about them. This is what happened from a bad upbringing and not a very happy childhood.

  4. If this is a person , a Person with a capital letter, and not a trembling creature, then he will not hesitate to come to the rescue , no one at these moments thinks that he will die , the goal is different-to save . When a person who has committed a heroic act is asked what he was thinking at that moment, they never know the answer, they say that it happened, and at the same time they can also apologize for attracting so much attention to themselves .

  5. Difficult question. I will try. There are different options:
    This stems from their value system.
    They find themselves in an unbearable situation where their refusal to help others will lead to such a strong internal conflict that their urge to save others affects both conflict resolution and altruism.
    Actually, altruism.
    Love for your neighbor.
    Friendship, love and personal attachment to a part of those you save.
    Fear of public censure.
    Perhaps it was their superiors or someone else who sacrificed them.
    Job description requirements.
    The view that multiple lives are by definition more important than one.
    Hope for retribution.
    The desire to be useful.
    Important point: the desire to live in a world where helping others is the norm.

  6. Probably because love for one's neighbor is inherent in every person. Because “it is more joyful to give than to receive.” If a person properly educates his conscience, then he is capable of many actions.

    Even animals driven by instinct help each other out . And in times of drought, everyone goes to a watering hole, and no one eats anyone. They “declare” a truce.

    In general, an interesting question for discussion in quarantine!

  7. In most cases, because of the person's faith and courage. In Christianity, when you are ready to sacrifice your life for someone else, you go to heaven, so they take a risk. Such people are truly great, they are spiritually and morally very strong.

    My respect and respect to such people.

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