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  1. Of course, they fall in love with the first visible image and a vividly presented image, since you do not yet know the person and begin to imagine what he is like.

    You can also love in spite of everything. I say this while remaining realistic. Although undoubtedly people love for something. For the attitude to yourself, for joy, for shared happiness and plans for the future. You don't have to be beautiful, smart, etc. – it's certainly better with this, but these are not mandatory criteria for loving a person. True love is when you are ready to make a person happy, make a relationship happy and sincerely believe that everything will be great, even if the whole world does not believe in it.

  2. Love is always for something. Yes, of course, there are a lot of people around who will say that they love you, but these are usually very naive people.�

    We always love a person for something — appearance, character traits, money, connections, a combination of these qualities, and so on. This is, to be realistic.

  3. Romantics say that they love just because a person is there. People who rely more on their diet say that they love them for certain traits.
    In my opinion, they love it for its emergence. There is such a concept in systems theory – simply put, it is when 1 + 1 = 3. Yes, blue eyes are beautiful, long legs-too, a lively, frisky mind-undoubtedly. But this is of little value if we consider these elements separately (although surgeons and transplantologists will probably disagree). But how they are combined, how a person uses them, develops them, is much more interesting. It is the combination of many features and characteristics that makes a person a person who likes it.
    And yes, it's easier to say that they love just like that, but in fact our brain just does most of the work for us. It remains only to love/suffer.

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