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  1. I could have.�

    When you love deeply, you are a fish caught on a hook. You take the object of your love too seriously, you begin to interpret and evaluate the extent of their feelings, you become dependent, you become weaker, and you go along with your own emotions.

    When you don't love, you look at the person objectively and soberly. You can say it honestly. It's easier for you to see a person's strengths and weaknesses. Remember these typical reasons for quarrels with your loved one: “you don't pay attention to me”, “you began to devote less time to me”, etc. — all these quarrels arise only because it is important for us not to lose the object of our love, it is important for us to know that feelings have remained at the same level.�

    It's always easier with unloved people. You don't get jealous of them, you don't try to draw attention to yourself, you don't wait by the phone, you don't suffer, after all.�

    So I could get married for convenience.

  2. The best arguments were given by my young man and my dad, I quote) First: it is impossible to calculate everything 100 percent, there will definitely be some kind of catch. And for love, there will definitely be a catch. But in the second case, love will help you survive this trick (fix it, find a compromise, accept it), but in the case of calculation, nothing will help. Second, it is always very difficult to communicate with another person, adapt, and change. Just because he's different. But if you love this person , it makes sense, and love gives you strength. But if you don't like him, it's just unbearable. I was personally convinced by these arguments:)

  3. I'm afraid not.
    First of all, I am a humanist.
    Secondly, I have nothing to pay with.
    so only love, great and blind.

    on the other hand, there are reasons for all relationships. a kind of unconscious symbiosis)

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