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  1. I like to talk. Before, after, during, instead of. And if a girl can't support topics that interest me, then why should I? Sex? Sex requires not only physical contact, but also intellectual contact, a craving for the individual, not just for the body, and where will this craving come from if we have nothing to talk about? Without this craving, it's easier to solve the problem yourself, without engaging in any social interactions.

  2. You've done something wrong, my dear fellow.

    Any addict can think deeply. you'll listen to them – so in general, it's scary to live))

    As a person who thinks of himself as minimally intelligent, I love people who are able to think of something else besides eating, sleeping, and getting laid.

    BUT, at the same time, it is not necessary to plunge into abstract reflections on any occasion, looking for the meaning of life in a campaign for bread and so on.

  3. I've never seen one like it. But I would like to. And then there is a feeling that they act according to some patterns imposed on them from outside. And they are not able to think, draw their own conclusions, understand what all their actions can lead to. And whether they are willing to live with it.

    And those that are light, I think stupid as traffic jams, but confident that they are smarter than any man and have the right to insist on their rightness.

  4. Yes, I really like them. Because I myself like to philosophize and think deeply. But finding meaning everywhere is too much for me. And yet, constantly difficult and deep communication becomes unpleasant – you can't do without ease, jokes)

    What do you think?

  5. In principle, I like to talk about high things, including with girls, but nothing prevents me from talking about anything with these same girls, that is, there are two extremes in your question, and people who fall into extremes are not interesting.

  6. It depends on the guy, some people just need to drink a beer with a girl, and there are also those who want to share their experiences, ideas and prefer thinking girls

  7. Probably, it is purely individual If a guy sees meaning in everything (or does not see it), thinks everything seriously, thinks deeply, personally, I do not like such men BORING! There should be a golden mean in everything, but too easy ones can also disappoint some kind of Childhood!

  8. I like those that don't use commas together with the text.
    In general, if a girl is too flat with her mind, then no other bulges will correct this plane.
    But this, of course, is just my opinion.

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