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  1. I'll tell you in confidence. what if something like this happens? then this is a fantastic option. The worldview is formed over the years. or even dozens of years. And no work of fiction can change it. Although to influence. of course. it can. Especially in childhood. And for example, you can name the books of Arkady Gaidar.

  2. Yes, there was such a book. And these were not even outstanding works by my favorite authors-Remarque, Marquez, Hemingway, Fitzgerald.

    It was a series of romance novels about Angelique (written by Anne and Serge Golon), which I discovered at the age of 10 and which I read to the holes in my youth. I'm inclined to believe that they were the ones who pushed me to embrace feminism (I don't know how).

    In second place in shaping my worldview is Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind.

    In general, in my youth, I was influenced by romance novels about strong women.

  3. There are not so many books that have had a disastrous impact. As other users have already said, changing views is a fairly gradual process. But I was very impressed by the following:
    Shearer. The rise and fall of the Third Reich.
    Dawkins. The selfish gene; God as an illusion.
    Rand. The Atlantean squared his shoulders.

  4. There were such books, of course. But they no longer changed the worldview, but made you think.

    Most of the books are dystopian. Here are some of them::

    The Catcher in the Rye

    The selfish gene

    451 degrees fahrenheit

    Brave new world


    The Little Prince

    The Great Gatsby

    From movies:


    It's a very funny story

    The universe of Stephen Hawking (and other films made about his life)

    Areas of darkness

    Source code

    Buried alive

    Born Identification

    Dr. Nok's Scam


    It's amazing how movies with stories about crazy people and mental hospitals got to the top of the list

    The list will be updated as soon as I remember the rest.

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