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  1. I had an extremely difficult credit situation. I took about 300 thousand rubles for training, I wanted to expand my professional skills. At that time, I worked in commerce and received 60 thousand steadily monthly, plus or minus a couple of thousand. In general, the income for 2015 was solid. Then came the reorganization, introduced a fixed salary of 25 thousand + a penny allowance. I realized with horror that 20 thousand is spent on repayment of loans. It was necessary to urgently look for another job, but how? There are no stashes, and payments are mandatory. As a result, I got a job in a theater agency as an assistant manager, and paid off my debts in 3 months. In this story, the moment when I lost money and got into a mess seemed hopeless to me, I was simply confused that I needed to somehow move to a new job, quickly quit and meet the loan repayment deadline. I did the seemingly impossible. At that time, there were thoughts of suicide and how hard it is to get out when you realize the situation of complete dependence on money. And meetings with collectors are not happy at all. So here's the story. Don't take out loans.

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