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  1. I didn't like to attend half of the second-rate subjects at school because they were taught by completely inadequate teachers. I wish that instead of these lessons you could go to more useful ones or even go home.

  2. Every day. It brings me pain, anger, and rage. And I can't go against my mother's word, sometimes there is just a desire to disappear, go into the void, and just end my life with Roskomnadzor.

  3. Surprisingly rare. There was always some kind of ” thank you, I didn't find myself in the trash to suffer from such game.”
    Another thing is that what I really like and wildly want, I also did not “do” much-because I lose interest very quickly. In the end, I will be in the trash with such requests)
    I think sometimes you need to “rape” yourself and step over “I don't want to”.

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