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  1. Our dreams are created on the basis of associations. Let's say I dream of trees, and I associate trees with the street. Therefore, I dream that I am on the street. I associate a street with a large number of people . So there are people in the dream.

    And the trees that I dreamed about initially are probably an association that arose in my brain due to a beam of light that penetrated through the eyelid

  2. Sleep is the result and reflection of all the information that the brain has received in the past.�
    This is confirmed by the testimonies of blind people who claim that they perceive sound and tactile information during sleep.�
    All the information that you saw, heard, and felt in your dream has been shared with you before. Even if in a dream you see a stranger, it means one of two things: either you actually saw him, but forgot, or your brain combined the signs of several people in one unrecognizable image.�
    Of course, the very formation of dreams is a complex and poorly understood process. This phenomenon is often the subject of psychoanalysis.

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