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  1. As you probably expect – that is, no way. Gender is a system of social and cultural norms and standards prescribed to a particular gender.�

    You can also call these attitudes stereotypes, but the essence does not change. It lies in the fact that these prescriptions are rather unified and monotonous within a single culture, delineating the framework of the “prescribed” behavior of representatives of society according to their gender.

    That is, if suddenly there are no stereotypical requirements for what people “should” be, depending on gender , then there are no genders. The sexual difference between men and women is not going anywhere, as a biological fact. Gender – masculinity and femininity, respectively-is a cultural product, a psychosocial fact, and is quite plastic for this reason.

    You need to understand that stereotypes themselves are a natural and often useful thing (I answered the question about them somewhere, but I won't find them here now), and the problem is only their blind, dogmatic, naive acceptance on faith.

    In this context, it is the identification, for example, of female sexual characteristics and culturally attributed qualities with the same thing, “female nature”. Although this is not so, and very strongly – this is why the separation of gender and gender was introduced by scientists.

  2. Human consciousness is designed in such a way that it basically plows on the basis of the formation of certain stereotypes. It just makes it easier for him to assess the situation.

    So, if there are no certain stereotypes, then it will definitely form others in their place.

    So the situation “without stereotypes” is clearly self-deception. There are always stereotypes, but it just doesn't recognize some of its own patterns as such.

    As a result, everything that follows from these stereotypes does not go anywhere.

    But I'm afraid to disappoint you, but the problem there is NOT at all in stereotypes. For these are most often simply dictated by the material world. Well, with the exception of some cockroaches in some not very healthy individuals.

  3. I don't understand what it is at all? A long time ago, biologists put an end to such reflections. There is a male gender, there is a female one. There are hermaphrodites and non-sexual organisms. But this is biology. As for homo sapiens, there are men and there are women. Everything else is just a perversion or bad habit. In most cases, this is treated with corporal punishment. The rest is hard psychiatry.

  4. It's more like psychiatry.
    Biologically, we have two sexes. There's no getting away from it. Everything else is related to psychopathology. The human brain is very complex. There may be all sorts of substitutions and workarounds. Hence all this LLGBTHXX. What to do with them is a question. But letting them dictate their will to ordinary people is too much. This is undemocratic and biologically unjustified.

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