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  1. When my classmate, having passed the sheet with the exam essay, was leaving ,a bundle of some sheets fell out from under her sweater about three meters from the table of the exam board. She gasped, then hurriedly gathered them up and ran out of the cafeteria where we were writing the exam. No one said a word to her, although everyone noticed and everyone understood what kind of pieces of paper ” hidden “under the arm in the sweater of a schoolgirl taking an exam. ))

  2. Why it is impossible, cheat sheets were, are and will be.) They will definitely continue to be used in the future. I advise you to read the article nauchniestati ru / blog / vidy-shpargalok / about the TOP 14 best cheat sheet options, including the most modern “techniques”.

  3. Back in 2015, I wrote a couple of formulas in the crook of my left elbow and put on a long-sleeve blouse. They put me right under the camera in the last place. I managed to use it, but it didn't help me 😂 Right after the exam, I washed everything clean in the nearest toilet.

    If you really want to figure out how, what and in what place to scribble, another question is: are the risks justified?)

    PS Already at the university, when passing stream exams, spurs were written several times to better remember, on small square sheets of blocks, the whole thing was stuffed into all pockets, since we did not follow it. And on passing the cathedral exams, they wrote spurs either in notebooks or on A4, since they are easiest to disguise as drafts.

    In fact, in the art of cheating, the main thing is an unflappable face, confident actions and the presence of basic knowledge of the subject 🙂 learn well and everything will work out 👍 🏾

  4. I say in advance, I do not mean the OGE, but the usual exam, since the question does not require an answer about the Unified State Exam.

    One of the options is to come to the exam in shoes with white soles, after crossing your legs, and sometimes peek. The next option, on small leaves to throw in your pockets. Put it under the chair, sorry for the expression, under the ass and legs a little spread and peek. After the change, when you're going to get ready, drop the pen and put the papers back in your pocket.

  5. It's easy to get through, but it's easy to use it… There are two types of people: some can cheat, others can't. The latter are afraid of getting burned, so it's easier for them to learn. I always cheated when I had the chance. In this case, the main thing is fast and sharp movements. You can not dig for a long time in search of a spur, it should always be at hand (for example, in the pocket of your trousers). It should also be small, so that in the event of an extremely dangerous situation, it can be easily crushed in the hand and neutralized. Paper concertos were not an option for me at all, it was too pale. At school, I liked wooden rulers, because you could write something on them with a pencil.

    The only event where I didn't use spurs was the Unified State Exam. Because cameras and you never know what. But when you go to the toilet, directly in the toilet, you could have peeked at something, but there was no point in it.

  6. When I was writing Unified State, I was surprised at how easy it is to do this. A friend of mine told me that on the way out of the toilet after the exam, a whole bunch of spurs were lying in the trash. The most obvious and easiest way is to put it in your underwear, after sewing a small pocket. They are easy to use in the toilet. If the situation is critical, for example, an observer approaches – you can flush it down the toilet.

    So far, there are no cameras in the booths. Well, the search at the beginning is designed only to find all sorts of electronic devices. So there are no serious obstacles, but I still advise you to write cheat sheets so that you just remember the material better! 🙂

  7. Ahah, I remember when I took the Unified State Exam in social studies (in 2016), I carried a complete reference book with me, having previously torn it up by thematic categories (law, society, etc.) and stuffed it into the inner pockets of my jacket and trousers, folding each of these parts about 100 pages in four. And in the toilet stall, he found the right material without much difficulty.�

    I still wonder how they let me through, because it looked like I was wearing a bulletproof vest)

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