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  1. He was engaged in a variety of sports, as well as amateur art. There are a huge number of ways to train coordination, but I think the most effective way to train the vestibular apparatus is to exercise on a trampoline. The most important thing is the number of elements in one series of jumps. The greater the number of repetitions, as well as the higher the complexity of the executed elements, “the better the coordination in” space becomes.

  2. I'm not an expert, but from what is available to the general public: BOSU and all the asanas in yoga for balance (on one leg, hands, etc.). Asanas can be done independently. And if there is a swing in the yard like a rocking chair or a balance beam (I don't know what it's called correctly), then you can stand on them in the center and try to hold on. I used to do this)

  3. I can't be sure what I'm suggesting, because I was just told it, but once at sea, some friends pulled a rope from the pier to the shore and started walking on it like monkeys. I won't say that the weather was fine – it was terrible – a strong wind, the young people rocked like on the deck of a ship. So, it was incredibly beautiful-the rope, like a string stretched taut, played in the wind, and a person walks along it, very plastic, confidently arching in different poses. What I mean is that after talking to them, they told me that their hobby is not only fun, but also pumping what you wrote about. This is a skill that can be developed. Find tightrope walkers in your city or create a party yourself!

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