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  1. Two parts of the statement.�

    First: I love you/ I respect you/ I treat you well/ I feel good with you, – �

    Second, we say directly and warmly that I am not interested in this topic at all.

    That is, the technique is to clearly separate the personality of the interlocutor from his behavior.�

    And the message: I treat you well as a person (at least a clear statement of respect), but this behavior is unacceptable for me.�

    Both parts are reported:

    1) on equal terms (neither bottom nor top)

    2) directly

    3) with the intonation of a “formal question”, that is, as if we do not doubt at all, not one iota, that he will CERTAINLY take it normally

    4) with clear warmth (without lisp, of course).

  2. Start simulating that what you're doing in parallel is more important to you right now. Today, it's as simple as that – an important text message has arrived on your smartphone, or a message in the mail/social network. Tell them the news that you read in the feed, and pretend that you are much more excited about it than in reality, this can lead them off course in their train of thought.

    Among the more sensitive options, say that you are very poorly informed, or do not fully understand the topic under discussion. If the topic is political or social, support the conversation with regular phrases, but insistently add that you are apolitical, or very busy with your personal life in order to worry about universal problems.

    From very sensitive – support the conversation with completely profane questions in the area under discussion, making it clear that without a long educational program, an interesting conversation with you on this topic will not work.

    All these methods work great for me when I try to start conversations on historical topics with my friends.

  3. You look into my eyes, don't say anything, nod your head, but think about something distant. This way, the person thinks that you listened to them, doesn't take offense, and you didn't waste your time.

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