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  1. You go to extremes – and going to extremes is not always necessary, although sometimes it works.

    The opposite of the “I am nobody” position is Solipsism and Berkleianism. Google it at your leisure: get into the philosophy and psychology of people who are sincerely convinced that they are everything, and the world does not just revolve around them, but is created by them.

    After that, it will be easier for you to develop a weighted average position, which is that in each specific life situation, you can and should behave either as if you are everything, or as if you are nothing, or find an intermediate option.

    The mathematician Hilbert said: “A person has a certain horizon of views. When this horizon narrows to an infinitesimal value, the person says, ” This is my point of view.”

    Horizon to you.

  2. and why put up with it then?

    like it or not, it's true.

    get angry and then get used to it.

    habit it решает so universally solves many problems))

    However, in life you can achieve that you will be important to people.

    many or some – it's just a matter of your efforts

  3. The question is asked in the sense that we all share your point of view that the world revolves around each of us (this is how many worlds are needed – just endless parallel worlds!), only we know some secret that we are obliged to share with you here. Most likely, you, on the contrary, will be in the minority. Because, growing up from childhood, you gain more extensive knowledge about the reality around us. It comes to understand that, in fact, people have average abilities, and if this is not the case, then they become presidents and oligarchs. Or you have to be lucky enough to be born into the royal family. In general, the situations when the world starts spinning around, you can count on your fingers. So you find yourself in the warm company of the majority. And if this does not suit you-prove it, rise above the gray mass, and the world will spin around you! It's easy to accept: you need to stop admiring your exclusivity and start solving pressing, everyday issues, pay attention to your loved ones, engage in self-education, and make friends based on your interests.

  4. The world doesn't revolve around anyone in principle, so I don't see any reason to be upset. As a child, we are loved unconditionally, pampered regardless of whether we deserve it or not, they sing in our ears about talents. However, in adult life, everything is much more complicated : you have to prove your worth in a rather complex and cynical world, in which there are millions of people like you, or people like me. Just create your own universe that is comfortable for you. Everything else is utopia. Hitler also wanted the whole world)

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