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  1. In general, a difficult question, on the one hand, you are dependent on them and must obey them in some way, on the other, they took responsibility when they planned you in their family.

    You will not be able to convince them, no matter what you say and they, it is important that you mean it, ask your parents why they want it, what you will get, accept part of their conditions and try to make them accept part of your conditions., you should not obey, it is difficult for your parents, you have suddenly become a person who will not listen to them in everything, it is difficult for them, there are no people who are given such things easily. Try to make this process smooth for them and for yourself, gradually.

  2. Killing isn't cool. You don't need to prove it.

    Tell us how you want to live and start living the way you want.

    Tell your parents, the whole world, that you will not do what they want, but will follow your own desires.

    And then act, let your words do not diverge from the case. Then you will see changes around you, including in your parents in relation to you.

  3. As we have already told you many times, the issue is financing. You can live the way YOU want only when you can provide that desire for yourself. So if you want something, go ahead and earn it. Fortunately, even at the age of 14, it is not a problem to learn something useful and sell your skills online.

  4. It is almost impossible, because parents are already people (if they are under 40-50) with precisely formed views on life, which they rarely change (in almost all cases).

    You can try to talk about hazing, suicides there, time spent, but this usually has no effect, because it comes across: “I served myself and nothing”, “People used to serve and were not afraid”, etc.

    As previous commenters pointed out, this can only be achieved by living independently (personal money, an apartment, food, etc.).

    And yes, try not to prove anything to anyone against their will. Just do it your way wisely.

    By the way, if you are not of military age, then your parents just troll you and joke about you, and you take it at face value.

  5. You need to persistently convey your thoughts to them.

    Explain what exactly you don't like: meaningless risks, starting your life “at random”, losing time and energy, a year of cohabiting with random beggars, and so on. Stories of failure of people who joined the army. How do you want to spend this time better, what do you really want to do? What options do you see for avoiding the army?

    Parents may well want the best, just live in their bubble, and imply that they are doing great, you like everything, and everything is like people. Therefore, it will be lol to ruin your life without even trying to communicate (slam the door and leave/endure, because they order music).

    If the parents are military-more difficult, of course. But the main thing is to start earlier, and you can keep the issue in discussion for, say, a year. They will begin to understand that these are not spontaneous psychos, but a sustainable goal. In a year, you can move a lot of boundaries, even if before your opinion was not taken into account at all.

    Well, to provide for yourself, probably not yet having completed your studies – this will go as a last resort as a threat that you can actually fulfill. But this is clearly not the place to start.

  6. Not to live with your parents and provide for yourself. As long as they feed you, not taking their opinion into account means being, let's just say, not a very good person. And the army… find friends who have served and are not happy with it. Enter the university with a deferral period and housing. Do something that will make your parents see that you are capable of organizing yourself in a positive way.

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