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  1. You need to start by identifying who “I” am.

    You wrote well about “the play you're watching”.

    Perhaps this is what happens.

    Every time the soul (which is the “I”) leaves the body, it sees a new birth, a new life, in a new body. Here the soul just looks at everything as a theater.

    And if you identify yourself with the body, then the question arises: “is this my life?”

    To understand whose life we are living, we need to identify ourselves with the soul. But it is very difficult. This is the highest level of awareness.

  2. Start by thinking about yourself, your actions and thoughts, and if you are satisfied with what comes to mind first, then you are on the right track, and if not, then there is always an opportunity to redirect yourself in the right direction for you.

    About the question of the realism of your life – if you can experience emotions, then everything is in order, another thing if you are overwhelmed: despondency, sadness and hopelessness, then you need to contact a therapist

  3. Good time of day. First of all, you need to discard such things as: religion, gods, soul, life after death. All this is vulgarity, which will lead you into the wilds of metaphysics, where you will be left with a nose.
    Why do you need all these frameworks and templates? Oh, here's a candle, here's a child to fix up, here to cook borscht for my husband, here to lie down in the grave.
    It is necessary to become an individual: to lose yourself in art, in literature, in cinema. Study sciences: neurophysiology, psychology, anthropology. To forge a personality out of yourself, to rise above all this vulgarity and longing. What kind of patriotism, what kind of faith, what kind of politics? You need to lose yourself in this beauty of the universe, which most people do not care about.

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