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  1. It is also important to cultivate an indifference to other people's ratings, which today are often based on the prestige of consumption. It is this indifference, by the way, that the very people who produce something themselves have-they a priori cannot please everyone and do not try to do it.

  2. I don't think it's possible to stop being a consumer at all. We will consume forever day after day. If you already say to stop consuming something specific, such as a certain food, this is possible.

  3. First, try not to buy things that you can do without. Take an inventory of your pleasure center and leave it at a minimum. In food, these are various goodies that are completely useless, or even harmful to the body – sodas, sweets, fast food, etc. In everyday life and personal hygiene, these are all kinds of shampoos “from dandruff”, shower gels, wet wipes, mousses, fresheners, conditioners and other products of many companies and firms that make money on your weakness for pleasant-beautiful-prestigious. And so on until you start to wonder how few things are needed for a normal and even comfortable life. Soon there will be a desire to gain new knowledge and gain new experience, to develop new abilities.

  4. It's hard if your goal is only to stop being a consumer. In the famous book by E. Fromm, it is said about 2 forms of existence – “to have” or “to be”; so, it is very difficult to simply cancel “to have” and not start “to be” (to create, to create). �So:

    1. Instead of consuming, you need to start doing something-beautiful, useful, what you like, unusual, etc. The choice is yours. A person consumes intensely because he tries to plug some incomprehensible void in himself, and this void is best closed by what you create yourself. You don't have to glue boats or paint pictures, especially if you don't know how – you can create impressions, give joy to yourself and others. In general, the choice of what to create is up to the individual.

    2. Imagine that in a month you will die. Do you really need this new item that you are going to purchase? Before you die, will you really remember what car you drove and what shirt you took a selfie for Instagram? In general, you understand)

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