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  1. I am a Russian person . This is probably the mystery of the Russian soul, with a capital letter-the ability to combine the incompatible .

    That is why Russia is the largest multinational state in the world.

    state. And state symbols are our historical memory .

    Be Russian ?

    Means… don't be proud .

    Russia is the Mother of all nations

    Who lives in it without hiding their faces !

    Can not… Russian man

    Wallow in petty feuds .

    Those who were willing to rely

    At the will of a strong King ,

    They don't come to us for nothing .

    A Russian can't compromise ,

    Forgetting the age-old custom ,

    A legacy … fathers and grandfathers ,

    What fate has bequeathed to us .

    In unequal battles, winning ,

    They managed to protect that Homeland ,

    What did they get ,

    After all, you can't buy your homeland .

    © Copyright: Alexey Gross.

  2. man in general tends by his contradictory nature to try to combine what is not combined:

    Incompatible we are sometimes full of desires-
    in one hand a glass, the other on the Koran
    That's how we live under a blue sky-
    half-godless and half-Muslim!

    Omar Khayyam

    So we live under a blue sky-half-Pagans, half-Christians, half-communists, half-anarchists, half-Nihilists, half-atheists, etc.�

    in Russia, this is very clearly visible due to the fact that the country is huge and everything here is hyper, mega, arch: victories, punctures, gifts, stupidities, good luck, and all sorts of absurdities + multiplied by the reckless nature of the Russian ethnic group, hardened by life in harsh conditions + the breadth of the soul, which, on the one hand, contains a lot of things from the breadth of space, on the other hand, cannot bring order and organize it on such territory. Similarly, the Russian consciousness, the Russian soul , is huge, wild, broad, and unorganized.�

    As the hero of Fyodor Mikhalych's works used to say: a person is wide – it would be necessary to narrow down. Well, the Russian person is broad and even more so.

  3. And nothing is combined)

    Every person in difficult conditions thinks about survival, family, entertainment, food.

    Everything else is secondary. The flag does not feed it, and there is no such need to pay attention to the drawings or ornaments of the flag, and even more so its meaning.

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