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  1. I'll support Evgeny. No one has forced you to make winning natural selection the meaning of your life. Moreover, there is no victory, you can only lose less than others. None of us will get out of here alive.

    Life cheats, there is no need to play with a crook, look for another game-not one in which the prize is life itself, but one in which you win a life that you will not regret to live.

    Everyone has a life and everyone will end it, but you can live it in different ways. You don't need a lot of intelligence to produce a lot of children (and natural selection boils down to this), if this is the main thing for you, you can just hand over sperm to the bank. Selection, you know, doesn't matter who brings them up.

  2. How interesting you choose to look at your life.

    I wonder why.

    Natural selection is a concept from biology, and it hardly applies to our species at all. If natural selection had been in effect, I would not have survived the first month of my life and would not have had five children)

    There is social competition, yes.

    And what is particularly broken in your life that you are completely unable to earn money and communicate? Are you really paralyzed?..

  3. Well, what's so hard about it? It's easy to accept. Booze or drugs help, it's a matter of taste. But if you do not accept it, then act, if you are not a rag-there is always a chance.

  4. The fact that life has the property of natural selection, where the strongest survives and wins, can be accepted as a fact, but

    How can you be so sure that a person necessarily loses? Тер When you lose in one, you usually gain in the other.�

    But even in this case, once you lose, is it worth giving up?

    What to look for, how to put up with it, isn't it wiser to make weak sides strong,�

    as life teaches us

  5. I think it's worth finding out what criteria are being selected for and pulling them up. If you really don't win, then get your “walrus” in this rather exciting fight

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