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  1. They're the only reason I'm obsessed with weapons and armor. You go through such a mission, and then a sparrow arrives and either devours you, or devours all your bows and arrows. A very nasty creature.

    But when some соро magpie attacks a village and you knock it out in 3 hits, you start feeling a little sorry for them. Imagine, a hungry dragon skerits for the 3rd week without food from the dragon receiver, and, in the hope of eating at least a small dog, gets an olive tree and burns. B – hopelessness. Even Anduin would have said, komon, bro, don't embarrass my geese, they're already getting cradled by Bigfoot, so you're putting them on too.�

    In general, at first you hate them, and then, when you begin to understand their hopelessness, it becomes a pity and, in the end, you let them kill these Nords.

  2. Narcissistic, calm and arrogant creatures. They love to fly, shout and conjure. They need to be petted and cared for, but because everyone thinks they're monsters, they've turned violent and become a nightmare for the majority of Skyrim's population.

  3. Smart, proud, think through all their steps, not cruel, but simply follow the instructions of Alduin and then it is prophesied to devour Nirn and the entire entire universe. Dragons are loyal, they always keep their word but still have their head on their shoulders, so they serve only as long as their lord is worthy of them.

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