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  1. Watch out for completely different people-weathervanes – who communicate with pawns “down”, and with queens “on all fours”.

    Cultural communication with everyone is the same – this greatly simplifies the communication style and eliminates the need for cunning.

  2. You can treat everyone equally badly or equally well.�

    In the first case, this rather indicates extreme egocentrism and communicative incompetence. In the second, either about extreme friendliness, bordering on sanctity ), or about high, almost professional, diplomacy.

    It is obvious that the second person is more pleasant to communicate with than the first, regardless of their true motives.

    And we should be wary of everyone, including the extremely friendly saints. Especially them, by the way.

  3. It seems to me that this should be understood in such a way that a person cannot treat everyone equally. And if he communicates equally with everyone, then most likely he does not show his real attitude to the interlocutor in communication, and it is impossible to understand how this person treats you personally.

  4. I think that this expression is more likely to refer to people who are extremely kind or friendly to everyone. I.e., they never show their true emotions and their attitude, because all people are different and can not cause the same reaction.

    Accordingly, if a person hides their relationship and their motives, it means that it is not clear what can be expected from them in the future and when they will show themselves to be real and how real they will be. It may turn out that the initial friendliness and sociability that could be perceived as a real friendship and the intention to build a trusting relationship is canceled at one point and it turns out that the relationship with you does not mean anything to the person with all the ensuing consequences.

  5. If we mean that a person does not emotionally distinguish people as different personalities, then perhaps we mean a serious mental defect, a lack of empathy. Usually such people are the most dangerous. Everyone around them, without exception, is just meat for them, sometimes even in a gastronomic sense, but this depends on their intelligence. The higher the intelligence, the easier it is to mimic.

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