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  1. This means that the object under discussion does not exist or has no influence. There is no counterargument to “truth”, and that is why it is true. Here's an evil person who says that all people are assholes. But there are also non-assholes. The truth is that people are different. Try to argue with that. And one more truth — an evil person is unhappy and his opinion directly depends on his subjective experience. Experience can be measured, chronologically ordered, and inferred (the phenomenological approach in empirical research has never been reversed).

    And an opinion is just an opinion, it is not directly related to reality. For example, God is an opinion, because it can be argued about. Go challenge the power of gravity. You can't argue with the truth. I can tell God to go to hell every day, I can kill children, roast their parents at the stake, and eat their heart. And God will never stop me, but real people can. God has no influence on anything. He doesn't perform operations, he doesn't save people in fires. It does not save-children are on fire. If my life is going to get worse because of my “sins,” it's only because they are socially punishable. But not by God. If a phenomenon has no influence, it does not exist, it will never be discovered and will not be proven, and therefore it will never become true. And if it does, there will be no counterargument.

  2. In such cases, I recall funny cases when 2 people argue about a complex scientific thing, using 5 pages of text that they read at breakfast. One says water has a memory, the other says it doesn't. So they throw poop at each other without a hint of constructive behavior.

    There are scientists, there are reliable scientists. There are Books that are proven to be true. There are counterarguments to this, but often when we talk about the same memory of water, all these counterarguments melt under the yoke of fact, because most often they are sucked out of your finger and taken from the sites “three w mama will teach my people”

    Read information from trusted and reliable sources. And when you are sufficiently well-versed in the issue that interests you, you will yourself dispel untrue counterarguments.

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