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  1. Let's think about it. Stereotypes, in fact, are something that has been repeated in a number of people. And these people began to impose on others that ” this is the case for everyone.” And please – everyone is convinced of this and, of course, this stereotype works for them.

    What works is what we have in our head.

    Think critically. Stereotypes are just the beliefs of a number of people. But they don't have to become yours just because someone thinks so. DON'T let them impose their stereotypical thinking on you.

    Turn on your head. Take a critical look at any situation. Analyze it. Then you will come to the conclusion whether you are really close to the idea of the majority, or you have your own view of the situation.

    Just following and believing the mass beliefs of others is very easy. Only critical thinking can produce truly great things.

  2. Question why think globally, someone decided to become the ruler of the world? Maybe you should try to think with your own brains, and analyze these or other actions and decisions of your own and others.

    1. Take any question that makes you “bomb”.
    2. Search for and study materials that defend the opposite point of view to your own.
    3. You reflect and draw conclusions
      The main thing is to always remember that changing your point of view is a good thing, that this is development, and that it makes you smarter. And also that it is necessary to be true to people who are alive, and not to ideas that are created by people.
  3. How do you not depend on stereotypes and learn to think globally?

    There are a couple of similar questions in my answer feed (https://thequestion.ru/questions/193977/answer-anchor/answer/285165#/,https://thequestion.ru/questions/458087/kak-perestat-myslit-stereotipno)which already indicates a non-unique, stereotypical attitude (usually of a young person) to get rid of stereotypes of thinking. And the answers that recommend getting rid of, overcoming, and discarding stereotypes are imposed… meta-stereotype – a stereotype of criticism (in the popular sense) of stereotypes. A vicious circle…

    Not to depend on stereotypes, to be free from them is only possible… having them (and not being possessed by them), i.e. to know about them, to understand them, i.e. to detect them on yourself, to control their work in yourself, to use them in your own interests and at your own discretion. Analogy-brave is not someone who is literally fearless, but someone who knows their fears and can manage them.

    Success in.. mastering stereotypes! 🙂

  4. You won't be able to avoid being influenced by stereotypes. But there are some good ideas: the more often the source is caught lying and twisting, the more carefully check the information. Look for the original source of the news. In the case of science: look for ways to collect and calculate statistics, often they completely negate the results of research. Follow generally accepted scientific norms: an independent reproducible correctly constructed experiment, test and control groups, and the principle of falsifiability of scientific theories. In life: always look for volume in a situation. If the situation seems flat, you have very little idea about it. The world is vast, there are different points of view, each side has its own logic and some internal morality, and so on. If you can't come up with any arguments to defend the OPPOSITE point of view, then you don't have a very good idea of the situation. Avoid false juxtapositions. Examples: either maim and whip a child in front of everyone, or not bring him up at all. Either complete chaos and the death of the state, or tyranny and complete lack of free will, a person is a brainless cog in the machine. Either our nation is perfect and better than everyone else, and others are generally animals and not people, or our nation is a complete bottom. Or do not communicate at all, or make friends with all your strength and force your friend to spend absolutely all his time and all his strength on you.

  5. There are a few simple rules here. Never jump to conclusions. A hasty conclusion is superficial and does not reflect the true state of affairs. Therefore, you should not try to think quickly and try to make an impression about something right away. It is also very important to first listen to the opinion of experienced people who have succeeded in doing this and have been doing this for several years. It is necessary to avoid thinking patterns that are imposed on different social groups, pursuing some selfish goals, or being themselves under the influence of a biased perception of reality. Such groups may be in conflict, which in itself means that both sides may be wrong. You need to use very reliable sources of information. For example, to get an impression of different concepts, it is better to get into the Soviet encyclopedia, rather than on Wikipedia.

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