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  1. Before answering the question about life, and, moreover, before asking this question, it is necessary to determine the subject of the question itself.

    What is life and how does it differ from non-life?

    Since science cannot answer the question of the meaning of life for fundamental reasons (life in our self-perception is not an object that can be studied by scientific methods), we will not consider the scientific definition of life as an active form of existence of complexly organized matter.

    Since animals do not ask questions about the meaning of life, we should also limit ourselves exclusively to the human concept of life, because the ability to ask questions about the meaning of life is one of the main differences between humans and animals. In other words, what is life from the point of view of the animal world is not life in the categories of human thought.

    Life as it manifests itself in animals is not life as it is self-perceived by the human subject. Moreover, human life, if it is contained within the framework of ensuring the vital activity of the biological body, is not life in the human sense. I will do without going into this side of the question, so as not to produce kilometers of text, so I propose to take it on faith (although, if necessary, I can prove my position) that most people do not encounter in their biological existence the life of a human subject in their own person.

    What is it that animals possess that is not life in comparison with the life of man?

    Still, let's return to the scientific definition of life, or rather to the part of it where we talk about the “active form of existence”. The active form of existence of a rock flying from a mountainside or raindrops falling from the sky does not seem to us to be life. Hence, the inevitable movement according to certain laws (deterministic, necessary) It is not life, but something that must inevitably happen as a consequence of certain physical and biological principles of the organization of matter.

    Habitual, automatic behavior, therefore, will be classified as necessary and subject to laws.

    Man, by his biological nature, tends to form endless dynamic stereotypes for all occasions. Dynamic stereotypes are proven and effective ways to interact with reality. For example, if someone says “bon appetit” to you, you automatically respond “thank you” – this action is automatic, nothing is created in it, but what is necessary happens in connection with certain norms of behavior in society.

    Human communication mainly consists of stereotyped sequences of words, uttering which, a person does not produce activity in his thinking, but performs actions according to the laws of society.

    Thus, a person's life consists only of those actions that are not subject to the laws of external necessity, but are subject only to their own will. A will directed at the external world (objects, achievements, the opposite sex, wealth, etc.) is a will that depends on external factors, and is not a will in the human sense.

    The will, independent of the material world, is determined by thought and is based on it. It is precisely this manifestation of a will free from external factors that is the only thing that should be called life.

    The automatic action of a person, which is necessarily conditioned by the external world, is not a manifestation of life!

    So at what point does this very life manifest itself, if what we do during our biological existence is mostly a learned skill?

    All our actions in the physical world are skills. All nonverbal signs of our speech (intonation, facial expressions, pantomime) are systematically repeated automatisms. The will can manifest itself only in our thought, which we can express in words.

    The thought expressed in the word is what manifests our will, i.e., life itself.

    “In the beginning was the Word..”

    A person is a set of expressed thoughts, or those thoughts that were indicated by words, but were not expressed. Thinking is an active expression of life. Anything that is not connected with thinking (again, in the human sense, because animals also think, but not in a human way, and most people can only think in an animal way) is not life. Moreover, all automatic behavior, all behavior that is only a repetition of previously learned behavior (meaning speech behavior), is a sign of something inevitably dead, but existing out of necessity.

    Now let's go back to the questions that were originally asked.

    How should I live my life? What kind of life do you consider worthy and majestic? And which one is insignificant and meaningless?

    Life should not be lived somehow, life should be lived, that is, you need to feel its manifestation in thinking, and having felt it, try to keep this feeling of life at least for a short period. Not everyone can live at least 5-10 years in parallel with their biological existence. Most people end up living without ever having started, without having had time to feel it.

    Any life is worthy, because thinking itself is the only dignity of life. The lack of the ability to think makes any life unworthy, insignificant and meaningless.

    So that life, even if it is manifested in thinking, still does not become insignificant, it is necessary to strive for the formation of a single consistent worldview. Thought should not be an independent and private manifestation of life, but should become part of a single, voluminous process of understanding everything that happens.

  2. Oh, guys… The question claims to have a certain universality of the answer – but how difficult it is to achieve such universality…

    Lao Tzu said, ” The path that is easy to follow is not a worthwhile path.” In my opinion, his phrase”The road appears under the feet of the walking one”.

    From these two sayings of Daoist father, I would compile an answer for you:

    “The only path worth following is the one that appears under your feet.”

    Well, or according to Vysotsky: “This track is only mine. Get out of your rut…”

  3. What will you do on your last day? Will you think about dignity and greatness? As you want to live your one day, so live every day. Focus on the main thing.

    How to spend your time on Earth? Time will run out, soon enough, for everyone. If you don't know the reason for appearing here, you can spend some time searching for an answer. If you haven't found it , it's not a reason to announce its absence. Probably not searched there)

  4. It's very simple, a decent life of a person, one that has brought benefits to society, in which a person gave life to another person, in which he did a lot of good for other people!
    And insignificant and meaningless is the life in which a person lived only for himself and did nothing for others!

  5. Any life that's given meaning and you're having fun.

    But, any options from negative to positive, having a social manifestation – an animal program of degradation.

    Evolution is the Knowledge of the Unity of the World and its creation Practically in mutual improvement with like-minded people.

  6. Great satirists have already answered this question like this – the negative, the insignificant, the meaningless dominates – and this is reflected in people who successfully climb up.

  7. The answer lies in the question itself:

    Life can be “decent”, as with most subjects.

    Or it can be “majestic”, like one “queen mother”.

    If you combine both of these goals of life together – both worthy and majestic, then immediately you get a problem.

    And when mom (or dad) has set only a black-and-white goal-either majestic or insignificant, then the problem becomes unsolvable.

    Even if you become a star like Mourinho through your righteous efforts, you will not be happy, because you cannot always be the First.

    Be sure to go down to the Second Floor soon!

    And in the opinion of Maurinho and his mother: “The second one is the first one among losers.” And that's all, such a life attitude brought happiness down from sky-high heights to earth and made life meaningless.

    Only if you're not a queen by blood. And the fact that the queen's son is no one until the age of 80, “a pathetic and insignificant person” in the terms of Maurinho's mother.

    So if you ask yourself a similar question-immediately install on whose Installations are you going to live? Maurinho's mom, or like all the people you ask for advice because you doubt your mom's Attitude of Greatness?

  8. It is at least unwise to consider any life worthy or majestic, because both dignity and greatness are categories of subjective ideas determined by the traditions and culture of a particular community. (for some, the life spent in religious services will seem pious and majestic, and for others, the option of blowing up a suicide belt on a crowded square on a Sunday afternoon will also seem like a worthy and majestic act.)

    As for the insignificant and meaningless life ) here, too, our judgments are likely to be wrong.
    Whether you are a homeless person or a thief, a judge or a salesman
    Each person lives his own unique destiny of life with purely individual “lessons of knowledge“ meeting “special” difficulties on his way. He can make mistakes more than once and “break firewood“ much more than others.
    But judging their insignificance and meaninglessness without having an idea of the results is also not a reasonable approach ))

    And you need to live your life according to your conscience, according to your own conscience )
    as you feel, as you understand.
    That's the only way you can live YOUR life.
    This is the only way to understand and solve your life's “lessons”.
    This is the only way a PERSON grows in a person.)

  9. You must live happily ever after. As a free man. To develop and learn with dignity, to unite for cooperation in a team, in groups. Self-organization of society. Spiritual thinking.
    Nonentities live in fear and slaves for the minimum wage. And they are afraid of the state, like the Soviet people. They're waiting for help. They are waiting for the authorities to take care of the needs of the people. They say that the state should take care of them. And that a basic income should be introduced. And they are waiting for communism to come. They will wait for the labor army for a plate of soup

  10. La, well, meaningless-consumer.

    Consumption without return = parasitic image.

    A decent one… Take a look at the Mask…

    Uncle reached, and began to realize their” childish ” fantasies.

    And these fantasies affect the world. Cool after all!

    Also, the USSR can be added. But, of course, it was not individualism that flourished there, but collectivism (activities/achievements). From that, man=society, and society=man.

    And, achievements were distributed to society as a whole.

    It is not a bad form of useful existence. Just-dead.

  11. Life is never meaningless. But empty and insignificant is quite possible.And everyone has different ideals…and the values are also different…And the concept of a happy life is also different for everyone. For someone to wash in warm water and eat is already happiness, and for someone presented with earrings with a small diamond-a whole mountain..Everything is individual. Make an appointment for a personal consultation.

  12. An insignificant little man thinks that he controls his own life. Then he suffers whether he did the right thing. But scientists have recorded activity in the brain before the appearance of a thought, i.e. first the devices record activity, and then the thought appears. And no one knows where it comes from. We are characters in a computer game, and we think that we make our own decisions. And so it is not for us to judge life. Everyone's life matters.

  13. You need to live your life in such a way that you are talked about at the table by complete strangers. So that old friends, critics, and minibus drivers can discuss you when they meet. So that you have both a good opinion and a bad one.�

    It is better to die young, poor and drunk, if you will be remembered at dinner, than at 100 no one remembers.�

    A life without a goal is insignificant. The goal here is something great, significant, and not to start a family, buy a car, take out 2 loans and live in an anthill.

  14. Every definition of someone's life is the thinking of human-animal awareness. Everyone lives an absolutely correct life and mistakes are the greatest teachers leading awareness to the light of wisdom.

  15. Here you can answer simply. You need to live your life in such a way that it is interesting to live, to give fruits from your life, to benefit people, and then, when you died, people would regret that there is no such good person around.

    A miserable life? I hadn't thought about it. Maybe when a person is depressed, he feels like a nonentity, not needed by anyone. I think that an insignificant and meaningless life is when a person has wasted his life, done a lot of bad things, did not find close people, and if he did, then after his death people breathed a sigh of relief. It's hard to think about this, God forbid people to live a good good life.

  16. insignificant and meaningless – when you were prevented from finding harmony with yourself. dignified and majestic – when they couldn't do it, and you did exactly what you thought you needed to do.

  17. All people are the same, just like smartphones. Everyone has similar desires and fears. The same needs.

    To live a decent life, it is better to look at the Apostolic letter to Titus. It all says what a person should be like.

    And of course, you need to make your health a priority.

    And it's important to be a good person. A good friend and a good son, daughter. A good, high-quality employee.

    Decent people try not to make mistakes. And if they do, they try to fix it.

    You need to live with love, with gratitude. To God, parents, and ancestors.

    The most valuable, most necessary and most useful people have the most decent life. Doctors, scientists, and construction workers.

    Insignificant and meaningless life for drunks, criminals, and capricious consumers.

  18. The answer may be very upsetting to you, but NO life has any objective meaning other than reproduction. Neither creativity, nor the development of intelligence, nor the creation of something new. Absolutely nothing. Because you can't take anything with you after you die, not even your own body. The best life is to live in peace until old age, without multiplying and causing suffering to people and the planet.

  19. Need it? Since only you think it is correct. You can live” with dignity ” only as others think. It's the same with “unworthy”.�

    In my opinion, life is worth it to spit on what society tells you, regardless of who says it. From relatives to the Pope. If it does not correspond to the dictates of your soul.�

    And at the same time, life is a nightmare, this is when you do not know what your vocation is and you do not strive for your own happiness.�

    Sorry if it's a bit messy).

  20. Everyone knows roughly what you need to do to live a great life – follow your dreams, don't rely on public opinion, and so on.P. But how to do it ? Have you ever played a computer game ? For me personally, one of my favorite games is Gothic and Gothic 2, where the main character begins the journey weak and defenseless and gradually learns all the skills that interest him (you). So, when you treat yourself real as a character in the game, which you yourself are curious to watch , everything changes. The degree of importance of what is happening and the sense of self-importance decreases . Meditation in action, so to speak. But the usual practice of meditation-observing the breath and the inner background-is also very useful. These are the keys.

  21. You need to live your life in such a way that you do not regret what you have not done. If there are some dreams, it is better to “redo” them into goals and achieve them as much as possible, even if it does not bring the material benefits that everyone dreams of. And if you follow all the social principles, norms and expectations, then such a life is still pointless. But this is my purely subjective opinion.

  22. You have already answered the first question yourself and I will agree to live … with meaning. I consider any life worthy in which a person lives meaningfully, gets pleasure regardless of the conditions of appearance/status/money, and at the same time is useful to the society in which he lives. It seems to me that a life that inspires and motivates people to do something more, that has a beneficial effect on a large number of people, that affects the WORLD as a whole, and that even after death leaves a significant contribution to something . As a matter of fact, I consider the life in which a person has chosen the role of a victim to be insignificant. A kind of “little man”. Something like that . The choice is up to everyone.

  23. without going into details, I will try to express in my opinion the very essence: “it is characteristic of a person in his nature to accumulate something, to acquire. This is precisely the meaning of his life – the accumulation of what the individual considers values and the priority of which he builds in his life. The lowest values are physiological values, the highest are spiritual values. Accordingly, these are the two extreme points between a meaningless and insignificant life and a majestic and glorious one.�

    19 Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal
    ; 20 But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys,and where thieves do not break in and steal
    ; 21 for where your treasure is, there your heart will also be.
    (Matthew 6: 19-21)

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