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  1. In the world of your fantasies, she will explain this to herself in any way to please her fantasies.�

    In the real world, a girl with high self-esteem will not even think about relationships with girls of young people who are not interesting to her in any way.

    It's just that I don't give a shit with whom any outsiders who are not interesting guys come there.

  2. Oh my God, the author, why should some girl explain to herself all your complexes?

    “Omega Boy” is some kind of your story. This terminology is generally not used by anyone other than users of thematic public sites.�

    “I thought it was dirt.” If she really did, then why should the attitude change? If by these phrases you mean “I wasn't in love”, then this is again some kind of your story and substitution of concepts.

    Finally, what does “with a more gorgeous girl” mean? Not everyone plays gradations from your world (“alpha boy/omega boy, more chic girl/less chic girl, etc.), especially since “chic girl” in a nightclub can indicate her professional activity.�

    No girl will put ashes on her head, saying ” oh, why didn't I choose him, and now he's found a better one!”, go down to the ground. Unicorns from your fairy-tale world can only be seen by you.

  3. In general, this is a classic of psychoanalysis) �

    A man who drinks cocktails with a gorgeous girl just to impress another girl doesn't respect himself to such an extent that he doesn't have to count on the respect of girls…)

    It makes sense to make an impression only in person. If you attract other people to do this, then you take risks in three ways at once. First of all, you use people as tools, and this is stupidly bad ) Secondly, the impression needs to be constantly reinforced, and it is far from a fact that the right people will always be there for you and will be ready to help you in this. Third, and most importantly, you can only impress idiots in this way: a more or less adequate person immediately finds out the pontorez )

  4. Why should she explain this “fact”to herself? She doesn't necessarily even think about it.�

    It seems to me that this question is just a fantasy of a guy who pines for a girl, but does not have the opportunity to please her. So he fantasizes revenge in the person of a non-existent “much more gorgeous girl”.

    In addition, you can notice that one beautiful girl can pay attention to an ordinary guy, and another – do not even look away. Personal empathy is unpredictable. No girl has to pay attention to all the guys in general and to any particular one in particular.

    If the situation described actually happens, then the first “beautiful” girl will pay more attention to the “more gorgeous” one than to the “omega boy”. She probably wouldn't even notice him.

  5. Why should she even explain this fact to herself? Just because you have guys and girls in your head divided into alphas and omegas doesn't mean that the same thing is happening in her head.

    I can only guess what I'd think if I saw a guy I didn't like sitting in a club drinking cocktails with a girl I found gorgeous. Nothing. I don't care who someone I'm not interested in spends time with.

  6. Well, there are options here. Starting from “in a quiet pool” to “what a fool she is”, including “what a fool I am”. Choose the one you like depending on the situation.

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