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  1. In fact, neurology is far from such a dark and terrible science as described in the answer above, and even more so, the brain cells and structures responsible for movements were found relatively long ago, and various types of movements were separately identified : reflex, locomotor, automated and arbitrary – and of course, all the cells and structures responsible for these movements were found and described, and every med student who taught neurology knows them. And neurology is clearly not at the level of “medieval epidemiology”(which did not exist at all, as such).

    In order not to complicate the situation and not to describe this whole system in one answer, I suggest that everyone interested follow the links that I will leave below. These are two lectures by Vyacheslav Dubynin, a well-known online professor at Moscow State University, who explains the mechanism of movement in simple words, tells how it happens, and even how we learn all movements in general.�

    1-lecture-Motor centers of the brain.

    2-lecture-The cerebellum and basal ganglia (as one of the main structures responsible for movement)�

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