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  1. A person sometimes thinks and makes a mistake, but insects don't need a lot of time, so they decide. Still, if I spent so much time overwintering, I definitely wouldn't think long about the solution.

  2. Insects have no second signaling system, no subconscious mind, and no understanding of cause and effect.
    That is, the insect is not able to understand that its actions will entail certain consequences.
    In fact, insects have a very simple system of reflex and instinctive responses.

    As for the human decision-making system, it is such a complex system that people have not yet fully understood it.

  3. Scale, first of all. The principles are the same, but the amount of data analyzed is much larger (sensory organs, individual character, physical condition, moral norms, language), the analysis system (brain) is much more complex, and there are many more options for action. And of course, a person can change the rules of behavior.

    I can offer the simplest analogy: a calculator and a computer. They are arranged in a similar way, but the first one is more limited.

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