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  1. To begin with, let's turn to elementary mathematics. Usually, an adult needs to sleep about 8 hours a day. This means that if you need to get up at 5 in the morning for some reason, then the remaining 3 hours should be compensated in the evening. This means that you need to fall asleep at 9 (fall asleep, not lie down), and at 8-8.30 you need to start preparing for bed and switch not to “night mode”. That is, you need to wash, brush your teeth, put on your pajamas, and turn off your gadgets around the time when everyone else is having fun, watching TV shows, and chatting in chat rooms. In summer, it is still light at this time, and people are walking on the street.

    Getting up early has a price to pay. Paying for a light lift at 5.00 is a refusal to do evening classes – reading, movies, TV shows, games, needlework, etc.You will either have to accept that this will not happen in your life, or find a way and time to do this during the day, i.e. very much rebuild your lifestyle. And if you do not live alone, then you also need to synchronize the modes with your home ones, refusing to spend the evening together and resigning yourself to morning loneliness.

  2. You shouldn't have asked me )

    My answer is no. I could not learn for 40 years and I do not believe that I am capable of it at all, my body sincerely believes that 5 am is the time to fall asleep sweetly, and not wake up at all, and who thinks otherwise-wants to offend him))

    Breaking biorhythms is very painful and often ineffective.

    But if you really want to, then I ground the regime through a long sleeplessness.

    First, you don't sleep until lunch, then you write it off until the evening, then you don't sleep until three or four in the afternoon and sleep until night, and so on until you start to fall asleep nomralno at 9-10 pm. So if you lay down at 9-10 pm (depending on the comfortable duration of sleep), you will wake up at five in the morning.

    But I was never able to fix the result even once. I still went back to the night life.

  3. In order to get up at the same time , you need to go to bed at the same time. Sleep for 8 hours, it is simply impossible to sleep less!!!!!!!!!!!! because this will lead to a violation of biorhythms and the chemical reaction that occurs inside the body. If you do not follow this very regime, then the body will remember it in full. Your appearance, face and skin will look worse and older �and worse and it will always be there!!! If you do not regularly get enough sleep , then in a few years you will have insomnia and your memory will suffer and your blood pressure will jump.�

    Oh well, if you are prepared for such consequences, then you will still need to do:

    1) go to bed �at 21.00 �

    2) deny yourself any events that will be held after 21.00

    3) constantly monitor yourself.

    Yes, and it is advisable to go in for sports, even after a LONG time , it will add strength and keep the body in good shape!!!

    However, if you are asking how to get up at 5 am, then most likely you yourself have not been able to solve this issue!!!! So you shouldn't even think about it. Live as you did before, and do not torment your body!!!

  4. The state of sleep and wakefulness occurs due to changes in the composition of blood biochemistry. It happens that even during the day it is unbearably sleepy.�

    If you want to force yourself to get up at 5 in the morning, then you must first convince your mind that this is more important and interesting for you than what a warm bed offers you. Then it is important not to panic at the thought that you can sleep for another 5 minutes and the world will not cease to exist. After you leave the bed, you should understand that changes in blood biochemistry, although not fast, occur and in 10 minutes you will still want to sleep less than at the moment when you woke up, and in order to quickly get the desired result, it is important to make the heart pump blood faster through the vessels, then you need to do strength morning exercises (3-5 minutes),�

    I assure you that in 3-5 months of training, getting up at 5 in the morning will turn from a duty into an urgent necessity-sob. experience.

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