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  1. I looked at what they write on the Internet and came across an article:

    Canadian psychologists from the University of Toronto told how often it is worth having sex in marriage to achieve a harmonious relationship. It turned out that once a week was enough. The study is published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science.

    Psychologists and laypeople for quite a long time believed that the frequency of having sex directly reflects how happy a husband and wife are in a marriage or a guy and a girl in a permanent/temporary relationship.�

    “Our results show that the 'halves' of families should maintain an intimate relationship with their partner, but they don't have to do it every day,” said Amy Mewes of the University of Toronto in Mississauga.

    Experts analyzed the relationships of more than 30 thousand married couples. As a result, scientists were unable to find confirmation of a number of myths that men want sex more than women, and that people who have been married for a long time are engaged in it less often than newly formed couples.

    But the Canadians managed to confirm the saying “happiness is not in money”. It turned out that an increase in monetary income increases the level of happiness in marriage much less than an increase in the number of sex activities.�

    Earlier, scientists from Geneva said that young children kill romance in relationships.

  2. One person needs 365 days of sex in the morning so that he does not get distracted from business and functions normally. Another person needs only one time on January 1 and can safely wait until the next January 1. In total, the average person needs sex once every six months.

    I earn two rubles, my boss-two million. Our average salary is 1,000,001.

    This is the average statistics.

    And what is necessary? I went through a period where I lived without sex for years. For years, Karl! It wasn't cool, but is “necessary” the right word? I'm not dead.

    Since each person has their own desire, so as not to be distracted from everyday thoughts, I would say that the formula for identifying their own statistics is as follows: the number of masturbation (or desire for masturbation) divided by two — so much on average needs sex for an adult. For a teenager, multiply the number of masturbations by two (if not by 4 🙂 ). Further, the elderly – God forbid to reach masturbation)

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