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  1. I agree with Eugenia. Faith, if not fanatical, or Crimea-whose, for me – is about values, but not so critical for family life.

    But homophobia, or fascination with fascists (and after all, I encountered them in personal relationships!), or polar views on raising children – yes, this would relate to my key values, at the level of meanings. And I might be able to build a relationship with someone like that, but what the hell?? I wouldn't be with him (her in my case)) happy.

    It is in my work that I accept the client's values with absolute and sincere respect, but in my personal relationships I am not a psychologist. And family is a safe and nurturing environment, otherwise why do I need it if I'm not a clinical masochist?))

  2. The opposite – how is it?

    If we talk about a worldview with opposite values, I have no idea. I've never tried, and I don't understand why. I have always limited my inner circle to those who share my values with me.�

    But if we talk about some local views (well, my husband is an atheist, and I am an objective idealist), then I don't see a problem. These views have very little effect on living together when people respect each other and each other's opinions.

  3. Difficult. You will spend a lot of time learning about mutual understanding. Conflicts may arise (and they are somewhat groundless. It's just that each person will act in a unique way, based on an individual picture of the world.)

    Although in general, such a relationship is not hopeless, especially if you immediately understand the difference of views, but at the same time respect each other's point of view and jointly find a new solution.

  4. My favorite is just such people. I am phlegmatic by nature, it is impossible to bring me out at all, and he is a real choleric, always reacts violently. So, before meeting me, he was a terrible homophobe, sexist, and generally had a full set. He did not consider women as people(26 exes). Here, for 2 years now, and he is quite similar to a person.

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