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  1. Of course, it is necessary, it is not difficult to imagine how life would be in a society where everyone is a pessimist! For example, take this situation, two friends, an optimist and a pessimist. Which of them will have to put more effort into having a good time? Of course, an optimist, because he will draw out his wretch every time he starts whining about another occasion, or will passively react to very intricate proposals! In a society where everyone is optimistic, it would be much easier to live, study, love, work, and relax.

  2. This is happening to me now, so I can share my method.

    There are several negative qualities that leave their mark on the current state: anger, resentment, envy. If you were once offended by someone, you remember it, you “loop” this situation. If you change your mindset, stop clinging to the past, forgive all abusers and let go of the situation, you open yourself up to new things, new discoveries, emotions and feelings. Next, try to stop preparing for failure, frustration, and stress. Don't get worked up about who will think of you and what they will think of you. In fact, 80% of the people around you simply don't think about you. Stop complaining, stop looking back. I really liked the idea from Guy Kawasaki's book: “Learn from your successes, not your mistakes. If you fail in business, you have exactly the same amount of experience as someone who hasn't done anything yet. But if you're successful , you know how to do it again.” Scroll in your head that you are doing well. How happy you are that something has happened. Sincerely yours! And when thoughts of failure come up, replace them with something that you like and feel excited about. It's not easy at all, but it's worth it. If you tell yourself that something good is bound to happen today, it will happen! You can choose whether to go out in the sun or sit in the shade. In the end, failure, stress, anger, etc. simply don't exist. It's all about you. This is your reaction to certain things. Learn to get along with yourself and your life will change forever.

  3. Maybe it's better to become an active realist? To do something useful for society, for your loved ones.

    Behind the way of actions and thoughts of each person lies his worldview, which is based on a certain philosophy, which he adopted under the influence of external circumstances, and most often as a result of communication. Some worldview concepts can be objective and help a person act in reality, while others, on the contrary, plunge into illusion and delusion.

    The realist understands very well who he is, where he is, and what brings him happiness and satisfaction. He does the things he's really capable of, and he doesn't worry too much about anything else that doesn't depend on him. Because he really understands that he will not be able to influence it, but will only waste his time and nerves.

    There is another category of people who experience happiness within themselves. They do not depend on external circumstances because their philosophy, their worldview is higher than the temporary temporary happiness and suffering of this world. Their consciousness is in the spiritual realm.

  4. Do you need it? Both optimists and pessimists are useful to society. Pessimists, for example, expect the worst possible scenario, which can play a key role if bad things really happen.

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