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  1. You are interested in Buddhism, yoga, all sorts of pebbles, vegetarianism, you are seriously determined to learn something there. I mean, you have a question about how to know it, but you don't have a question about why.
    And you have to wonder why you need it. Because if you don't, you'll end up with such a big cat in a poke that you'll be horrified. It can be a religious sect, pure autosuggestion, quackery, and all sorts of sacrifices. Life is downhill, in general.

    In principle, I can tell you how and what.
    The first question is about motivation.
    1. Are you ready to do something nasty to get your psychic powers?
    If so, I congratulate you: you're no good. If not, then see point two.
    2. Don't accept anything from people. People can't do anything. If someone claims to be psychic , they are not psychic. It is better to say your request to the void than to look for it from people. Much more effective and efficient.

  2. Since psychic abilities have never been confirmed in a clear experiment, the question of their existence is open, but fortunately you can develop talents for what people often take for psychic abilities, namely: intuition, mental engineering, the art of illusionism. For example, for mental engineering, the recently translated work of Ian Rowland, “A Book of Comprehensive Facts about Cold Reading”, will help you. The book describes the ways and methods that charlotans and some illusionists use to conduct spiritualistic sessions and extract information about a person, and it is perfect for countering in the necessary situation, or just to learn more about this area.

  3. If you make a brief analysis of your close friends or take a “familiar environment”, you will understand that they all have their own characteristics. The behavior pattern in everyday situations of one individual can be easily predicted and taken for granted the next time. A person often does not take risks, but gives in to accepted norms and life experience. This is also a factor of analysis for drawing up a whole model of human behavior. It depends on what your goals are. People with similar temperaments will also not deviate from the limbic system already set by the brain and will also act in the obvious direction. I think that developing any “telepathic” skills is not entirely problematic. Read a couple of good (non-fiction) detective stories. Most likely, after a couple of books, you will understand how easy it is to find out among the inconspicuous signs of an obvious liar. The reason for this is causality, again. Read about deductive and inductive methods and you will understand how one person can do something because of something. A bit of scientific literature, analysis in the same social networks (by the way, I can almost accurately represent the voice of the interlocutor in music and public posts, in writing techniques, and I am convinced of this every time I meet them again).

  4. So far, nothing.
    Theoretically , with the development of scientific progress, devices may appear that read, for example, electrical signals in the brain and output them to a receiver in another brain-voila, almost telepathy, although not particularly esoteric, but there is an option to ride for a powerful sorcerer. Before the “backward” people at the time of invention.

    How to appear psychic? Study illusionism.

    And, yes, sorry for such a sad and not encouraging answer. Well, never mind, spiritual teachers should run in and tell you how to properly train the chakras (spoiler: it won't work anyway).

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