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  1. An interesting question, and if you look closely, quite important.

    The main thing to understand is that the feeling of pity in cognitive (mental) terms is directed at a certain flawed and inferior being who is experiencing undeserved suffering. Well, for example, a child may feel sorry for him, because he is small and can do a little.

    Empathy is simply the ability to share certain experiences with someone who is experiencing them. It is not always realized, but “compassion” is also a form of empathy, not with negative emotions, but with positive ones.

    Compassion, in the light of modern psychological and psychotherapeutic concepts , is not a feeling or an emotion, but a systematic attitude to stop the suffering of others as much as possible. However, and their own, too, as self-compassion.

    Both differ from pity in this point: when we sympathize and sympathize with someone, we don't have to feel sorry for them at all, i.e., we treat their sad situation as something unfair, and the subject himself should be evaluated as a victim and disabled person (in psychological terms-in fact, it is quite worth recognizing if this is the case), who is unable to help himself and

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