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  1. You can try to see her more often, try to please her (no need for big bouquets, bears and other nonsense. Her favorite chocolate bar or two tickets to the movie she was talking about will probably make her happy). You can surprise, leave uncertainty between you (girls like it when they don't understand anything, uh-huh). Knock out a wedge with a wedge, that is, to make her forget about the moments for which she suffers. Laugh more, smile more, and communicate more. This will be more than enough.

    The most important thing is not to become a person who will be considered your friend.

    Good luck!:)

  2. in my opinion , in no way, my mother went to another person and sees in me only the negative that I drank, but I also saw a bad attitude and indifference towards myself . He doesn't even pick up the phone right now. It seems to me that I need to overcome myself and not call at all, although it is so difficult ! She can show up faster if she thinks about you and why you disappeared. And while her mind is occupied by someone else, you will only annoy her.

  3. Great tips, but one ingredient missing is unavailability. First, this is all – listen, be close, be cool, and then disappear-start paying less attention, don't write/call/call first, say that you can't when she calls. Make them jealous maybe even.

  4. As I understand it, if she's suffering, then that guy doesn't love her back. And here, you have a chance. BUT, you should understand that the process is long and you need to put a lot of effort. All because it takes time for a girl to accept the fact that “the world doesn't revolve around one person.” Your role here is to show her that “the light didn't come together like a wedge” on this guy. Your actions and help should consist not only in words, but also in actions.

    After all, initially, girls fall in love not with the guy himself, but with the image that they create for themselves about him (only then do all the cards open). Remember this. Therefore, your task is to make sure that you embody as much as possible of what she likes (try to become like her ideal). In addition, you will need to show your advantages over that guy, and exactly what sets you apart and makes you special to her. She needs to understand that you're more suitable for her than the other guy. At first, don't be pushy (she likes someone else – accept it), but just communicate with her and listen. Listen to her: everything she says, all complaints, suffering, etc. Be sympathetic so she can trust you.

    However, don't forget the distance. You don't want to run after her, because she might think you're too persistent, and a lot of girls don't like that. Just in moderation. Keep her busy with something interesting, do something together, and distract her attention from that guy. But all your actions should be based on her reaction to your steps (the better she reacts, the better). Specifically, you need to start from the characteristics of the girl herself (because we are all different, and each needs its own approach!) and take into account all the circumstances: are you good friends, do you see each other often, do you have a common company, do you know and communicate with that guy, and much more). In general, falling in love is an interesting thing, because it may happen that a girl likes you, but she will never have feelings for you, she will not fall in love. Or maybe it's the other way around. Just remember that in any case, “you will not be forcibly nice”. But you should not give up right away. Good luck!

    If anything, I will be happy to help you or answer your questions))

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