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  1. in Buddhism, and in practical psychology, one thing is now very well explained.

    Any event is neutral. You won't find a single event in the world that everyone feels absolutely negative about, or vice versa. It all depends on your perception. I will even allow you to make a purely subjective ratio

    50 % is your upbringing, character, and culture.
    30 % is your current state.
    20 % is how this event is served.

    In other words, try to change your attitude to the event.
    Also in qigong (specifically qigong KimKang) there is such a thing as a smile:
    Smiling don't smile, don't smile smile.
    A light smile at any event will help you reduce any impact, it's like a block from hitting. A slight smile to yourself if you slip, drop a dumpling, or don't open the first parachute will reduce tension and help you respond better to the situation.

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