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  1. Loneliness itself is neither bad nor good. This is one possible state of mind that can sometimes be comfortable, and can sometimes be a cause of anxiety and dissatisfaction. If loneliness causes discomfort, it is useful to analyze exactly what manifestations of loneliness you want to get rid of. In other words: what is important and valuable is missing in a state of loneliness. This, for example, can be the pleasure of communication, learning new things, the need for some kind of help, the desire to share something, the habit of needing compassion and compassion, or something else. You can just take a piece of paper and write :” I feel uncomfortable because I want to: “and then think about it and write out everything that is missing at the moment. After things become clear that outline the understanding of comfort, the understanding of the discrepancy between the mind and reality, 3 ways to provide this comfort will come in handy: you can change reality, you can change the mind, you can do it simultaneously, bringing expectations and reality closer to each other. For example: the person has no legs and wrote “socializing”in his list of discomfort, because he can't go out and talk. The first way in this case will be: to change the reality, that is, to buy prosthetics, a stroller, so that you can increase your mobility and go somewhere to chat. The second way is to change the mind, that is, train your mind so that communication is no longer necessary, forget about this problem, do not go anywhere and do not worry about it. The third way is to bring your expectations and reality closer together. That is, for example, to replace full-fledged live communication with communication on the phone, on the network, in chats, in social networks.social networks, in virtual reality. That is, the person and reality does not change completely and the mind does not change completely, as if trying to bring one thing closer to the other so that it is more convenient and easier than it is now.

    It is useful to remember that the mind is constantly changing, and so is the understanding of comfort. You can get tired of both loneliness and people. Therefore, you do not need to extend your real level of comfort and discomfort for the rest of your life. Many other amazing things will happen in life that will affect the change of the mind, its development. Some new complex things will become clear and familiar, while others will be forgotten and no longer relevant. It is useful to live each new day as a new short life, finding in simple and familiar things a reason to be happy and feel happy.

  2. A strange desire. “But the literal answer is to believe in a God. Then the person will never be alone.




    However, most often you can find the opportunity to be not alone with real live people.

  3. I have been asking myself this question for many years, living not only alone, but almost completely isolated from close and friendly communication. Psychotherapy helped me in part, relieved me of some of the worries about this, because the race was lost, that “you will improve, get better, become better or something else”, I realized that sometimes, even with an effort, something may or may not happen. Of course, I will not say that I accept my loneliness with a smile on my face, but at least it is tolerable and it is easier for me, no matter how disgusting it may sound, that I am not alone, of course, sometimes I want all of us to get together so “not alone” and not REALLY be alone anymore, but this is utopian.

  4. To live alone is not right, I mean not to get married, etc. The main factor in the development and happiness of a person in his family is to try to become one.

    If you do not succeed in this business, you need to learn the rules by which you can start a family. In short, you need to create an agreed, responsible, mutual hearth, with a proven person (not meaning to live with him before the wedding, this is meaningless) on the basis of one unchangeable iron law – mutual respect with the intention of mutual happiness, to become one, with which comes true love and growing more and more in contrast to falling in love (passion) in the beginning. Also, you need to study human qualities with special literature for this purpose. In raising children, the main iron rule is the same, only from the beginning of the spouse,then the children. This is a short summary of it.

    A person who can't get married (I mean, who really can't) can live a full life, only without a second half. Develop, communicate, educate, raise, create, help, live with other people, everything that a person needs, in general, to live. The meaning of this is not lost, it's just that such a person has a different meaning.

    Each to the best of their abilities.

  5. I know one awesome method developed by specialists of the Stanford University thanatolaboratory… Called : – “Don't cash”, it consists in the fact that it is enough not to put a rope around your neck! Tested multiple times!!!

    But seriously… So are you a man or something? Everything is in your hands. Don't want to be lonely? Don't be like that! But this is crying, hope for the pity of some thread of a lady, this is not a man's nifiga! wipe your snot and get busy!

  6. If you can't find a “soulmate”, you need to look for an alternative. Also all my life alone, even when I was married (repeatedly). And this is the disadvantage of alternatives (for me, this is literature, philosophy, cinema, art). After all, if there are any problems in the family, you do not solve them, but withdraw, retire in your own world. And again alone… I don't know which is better. My daughter says, calm down already, and live, apparently fate, because you are happy alone…

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