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  1. Go to the gastroenterologist, check your stomach (for sure something will be found), follow the doctor's instructions. And this is primarily a diet, as well as drugs that suppress the secretion of gastric juice. Six months of strict diet + treatment, at least gastritis, and you will change your eating habits. Food will cease to be a pleasure and become just a necessity.

  2. I suffer with this problem. The fight is intense.

    I think you should try the following things.

    First, don't try to do it gradually. Keep the same diet, but gradually reduce portions. If you fail , don't worry, go ahead. Failure is not a defeat.

    And take out the products you want to get rid of one at a time. But don't make any sudden moves.

    Catch the moments when you can no longer refuse to eat, and that's when you abstain. Each such experience helps to gradually develop will and self-control, increases awareness.

    Use plenty of water. Not by liters, but by volume. Especially when you are very drawn to food.

    Substitute caloric for non-caloric. Eat cottage cheese, sour cream, drink kefir, ryazhenka, eat a little bit of bitter (not milk) chocolate, fruit; boiled chicken and beef. Gradually change your diet.

    Try to keep yourself interested in something else when you're craving food. Anything. This will lead to a change in habits.

    And do not pay attention to withdrawal and breakdowns. They are unavoidable, it is experimentally proven. Just take one step at a time to reach the goal, and everything will work out!

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