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  1. Shyness in front of the opposite sex is the cost of dominating a child by a parent of the opposite sex.�

    In your case, your upbringing was probably dominated by your mother, who saturated your unconscious mind with attitudes that make you look up to women. And the father either did not exist, or he did not fulfill his role in overthrowing these psychological idols of yours) �

    Try to remind yourself every time you talk to a girl (in all seriousness) that this is not your mother, that she will not punish you or get angry with you even if you make an obvious mistake, and that your survival does not depend on her assessment, and that there are hundreds of thousands of people like her (unlike your mother). At the first stage, this will help , but of course, more serious work will be required to form adequate behavioral and mental stereotypes, so wellcom )

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