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  1. I am afraid of the unknown, and the deterioration of the quality of existence. The cure for the former is clearing up the issue of post-mortem. And it is not so important what exactly you find out for yourself – hell/heaven, reincarnation, non-existence-the main thing is to clearly accept for yourself, find out what exactly will be there. To do this, we delve into the study of religious, esoteric, and mystical traditions/science. We're trying to figure out why the hell they think that way, and how they came to do it. We compile, compare, analyze the information received, and draw conclusions for ourselves. As a result, we accept one or another concept.�

    The problem with the fear that it will be bad after death is solved based on the obtained knowledge base. Most often (always, if we are not talking about atheistic non-existence), the quality of existence after death directly depends on your actions during life. Accordingly, we adjust our behavior so that it doesn't backfire.

    In short, learn matcha, and you will be happy.

  2. I will only answer this question if it is intended to help someone who is dying or suffering from cancer. Being close to such a person who already understands that the end of the earthly path is near and inevitable, try to gather all your will, be calm and speak as if you know the answer for sure and it is absolutely 100% correct. You need to be believed. Say that death is just a Transition between worlds. There is no need to be afraid of it, death is just a faint, consciousness is temporarily turned off in order to make the transition to another world in a disembodied form. �Let me clarify that this will only be the case for natural care.

    When asking your own question and others like it, I am sure that you, the Author, of course, understand what responsibility you are taking on, because the answers to it can be read by anyone – including an audience with an unstable psyche, for which everything unknown is an area of experimental knowledge.

  3. Completely-no way.
    Well, that is, probably somewhere beyond the distant seas there are some realized yogis, or Buddhist arhats, or Taoist magicians who know how to do this. But in our area, somehow, there are not many living citizens who could show the equipment by example.

    But if you are not a perfectionist, then you can easily reduce your fear of death, for example, by about 90%.
    There are several ways to achieve this goal.

    1. Thanatotherapy. To be honest, I myself did not participate in this action, but according to the reviews of my friends, it is quite an effective thing. And it works relatively fast (faster than other options). It is a semi-official field of psychology (although it may already be official).

    2. Yoga / Buddhism/ chi-gong. Works. Slow, but effective enough. I think that in 3-4 years approximately any citizen can reduce their fear of death to an acceptable level.

    3. Power sports (I personally campaign for a rocking chair, but others are also good). At first glance, it does not seem to be related to the problem at all, but indirectly through the body, this approach still affects the brain, and “as if by itself” reduces fears in general and the fear of death in particular.
      Personally, I like the fact that here you are guaranteed not to get your brains fucked up by any schizotericism.

    4. Working with a psychologist, attending all sorts of psychological seminars, trainings, etc. Hypothetically can give an effect, but only hypothetically. And you are more likely to try to shit your brains out all over the world.
      And in terms of the “price/quality” ratio, everything is sad here.
      But it is a wonderful pastime, a lot of new acquaintances, and do not forget that more than 80% of those who attend such events are women (including young girls). �
      In general, the option also has the right to life 🙂

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