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  1. only through enlightenment..Learning is light, and ignorance is darkness..But confusion arises in the question of what kind of Teaching is light..But since we live in a civilization that has been considered Judeo-Christian for the past decades, this issue is practically resolved for us: the Gospel of Jesus Christ is recognized as the Teaching of the Light.
    12 And Jesus spake again, and said unto them, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.
    (John 8: 12)

    A logical question arises – why did we live in this very Judeo-Christian civilization and were not enlightened? Yes, because we had, by and large, a not very successful version of Christianity-Orthodoxy, which did not particularly bother to educate the masses..According to the apt words of the writer Leskov, Russia was baptized, but it was not enlightened..Because of this, we have such a “dark history”….But the good news is that everything can be changed…You just need to turn to the light, to the teaching of Christ, to the Gospel, live by it and help others, explaining the important essence of life according to God's Laws, God's Commandments.

    for the commandment is a lamp, and instruction is light, and edifying instruction is the way to life…
    (Proverbs 6-23)

  2. Very simple. We take a lifting crane, bring it to the mentality of the country, cling to the mentality of the crane and gradually, without haste, we begin to raise the mentality of the country above the ground, as a result of which the mentality begins to rise and thus becomes raised.

  3. Either with a stick or carrot, which is more to the liking and abilities of the ruler who decides to do this. Or it can do nothing and the current situation will continue.

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